Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I always think I'm fairly lazy, or at least not rushed. Although I could certainly cram more into my day I've been having a look around myself and I've been getting a bit done recently. 

I've not been sleeping well at all for the past week so I think the extreme tiredness has kept me moving. If I sit down too much I might never get up again. My wardrobe has been cleared out, shopping list written and stuff for the charity shop has gone to the charity shop. The cabinet revamp has been slow but it is ongoing, the garden is having bits and bobs done to it, the house is alarmingly tidy, we had a couple of decent walks over the weekend and everything just seems to be ticking over. I guess it's true that doing things gets things done. Things seem harder when I sit and think about it rather than just getting on with it.

Funnily enough, after saying I didn't want to eat the orzo pasta thing, guess what we're having for tea tonight? Yep, it's the best way to stretch the ingredients we have left and prevent us from going to the supermarket for another night. The spending is slowing down and that feels good. Although Dan has added new voile for the middle window to the urgent list as a bird flew into it this morning. It's doesn't happen often but it does happen and it's never nice.

We had a bit of an odd day at the charity shop yesterday and I'm very glad to not be there today too!


  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog - I have tried to follow you but bloglovin is being a real pain lately and does not recognise me! Keeps telling ma also that this email address is taken! YES!!!! It's me!! Doh!. Anyway, I hope you are soon feeling back on par and get some good sleep in your system. After years as an insomniac I am now trying to ensure I go to bed at a reasonable hour to get the 7 hours in! Unheard of before i can tell you!

    1. Hi, thanks for nipping by. I have been having the same problem with following blogs recently.

      Thank you, I hope sleep returns to me soon too! I have always had trouble sleeping and have been a lot better for the last few years, after making a lot of tweaks to aid sleep. This past week has been awful for some reason, it's surprising how much I'd forgotten about how terrible no sleep is!

  2. I sympathise with the no sleeping. Take care.
    Love from Mum