Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Few Small Things

We've been puttering around the house this weekend and a few things that could have cost us cash have been sorted out for little or no cost.

1. As you know I made a scarf, removing an item from my wants list. 

2. I tidied the coats in the porch cupboard which lead to

3. I moved my shoes into my wardrobe and laid out all my spring summer clothes, I want/need a pair of trousers (I only have a pair of walking trousers) and some leggings as my current ones have baggy knee syndrome. I would like a bag and a coverup/cardi but I don't need them. That simple act has reduced my shopping list by about 6 items. I also located my two summer hats.

4. We planted some old packets of seeds. If they grow then great, if they don't then it doesn't matter but it got us doing a few bits in the garden.

5. We needed to replace the lino in the bunny pen. We took the spare bits we had and found one that was just a tiny bit short, the pen is 8ft x 4ft so takes up a fair bit of space in the living room. We covered the end bit with one of their rugs and it's done. We did buy two new rugs, which cost £3.29 each, so not a no spend but certainly a low spend makeover. We covered some of their sleeping shelves with car mats, we had some mats for the back of the car that we didn't need when we last replaced the front ones. They work a treat! I realise that all sounds a bit wonky-bonky.

6. Dan fixed a couple of wonky drawer handles and other things that needed to be screwed in and did a mini tidy of the garage while he was at it. 

7. Dan found some Christmas stamps to use on Mother's Day and wedding acceptance cards. We also remembered we had already bought a gift for Dan's mum. I promise it is the only time we will indulge her love of meerkats. 

Small tasks, but moving things on.


  1. I love weekends when you get all sort of loose ends and bits and pieces done. It can really make a difference and if it costs very little then even better.

    1. Me too, they're often the times where things just flow and we don't have to think about anything. Plus there's usually cake!

  2. It always feels really good to get those odds and ends of tasks done. I had such a day on Monday evening after work - a pure task orientated hour. Tonight however, I made up for it all by falling asleep after tea all evening and did absolutely nothing!!