Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Garden

Everyone in my family loves gardening which means I've never really been interested in it, and there's the thing that until I was 35 I didn't have a garden to look after. I'm pretty late to the party. Father keeps bringing tubs of lettuce and strawberries but I fail to look after them, the blackbirds ate the strawberries, so at least they grew!

When we moved here the garden was overgrown. Father, assisted by Dan, evened out the sunken patio and cut half the garden back one year and half the next. Each time the stuff removed was as high and wide as the garage. We have a spongey mass of moss and clover where a lawn should be (I don't mind that too much as bees and goldfinches seem to like it). I don't wish to discuss the brambles. The area that would normally be soil is sand with small amounts of brown stuff. It's all held together by dandelions, thousands of them, everywhere! Again, they are useful as the buns love love love them so it's a free treat

In nearly 4 years all I've done is remove a huge amount of prickles, planted some bulbs, 2 heuchera and lots of alpines. I think this year is the year to put my empty promises of concentrating on the garden into action. As I mentioned yesterday I bought a copy of River Cottage Veg so now I want herbs, that should be fairly simple, I want to sit outside and other than that I just want it to look nice. The person who planted the garden was clearly a real plant lover as the shrubs work really well together. As soon as one thing stops flowering something else starts, the colours work really well together and all the plants are there to attract bees and butterflies. I want to keep that basic idea and just look after it and primp it. I need to be brave and do something with the tangle of 5 plants along the back wall, looks like it's a job that will involve training things to grow somewhere, could be an adventure.

That's the thing isn't it, the outdoor housework part, but it looks like it could be ok, being outside with tools, picking things out of the ground and drinking tea. Sounds like fun when I put it like that. 

We have a very large rhododendron, every year it develops what looks like things that will turn into flowers, we only ever see about three blooms. I think it might be good to really cut it back a lot, would that help? It would help me feel like I was doing something!


  1. Mum here to the rescue


    'If I can help somebody as I go along …'


  2. I've been gardening for over 40 years and I still haven't got a clue but that's the thing with gardening it doesn't really matter if you do something and it doesn't work then try something else after it's your garden and you are not going to charge admission to people to see it! Just do what you like and enjoy the journey even if it doesn't turn out to be Kew Gardens or even like a neighbour's beautiful plot.

  3. Thank you, I just need to get out there and do something, as you say, I can't really do all that much wrong. I will update when there is news!