Monday, 27 January 2014

The Final Sunday of an Expensive Month

It was moody and the sea was far away


where am I ? living room

what am I wearing? blue spotted pyjamas

what's the sky like? grey and slightly yellow

what's motivating me? a day of work, quiet, relaxing, quilting, crazy rabbits, tea, books, skiing


where am I? in the kitchen eating a roast cooked by someone else 

what am I wearing? green jumper, blue skinny trousers, slippers

what's the sky like? very grey

what's motivating me? change of plans, slightly grumpy unable to work man, a long afternoon, temptation to break the January alcohol ban, lack of available funds (planned, but now annoying), shopping lists, lists of things, February budget, laundry


where am I? at the corner shop

what am I wearing? green jumper, blue trousers, grey cardi, walking shoes, wishing I was also wearing my coat

what's the sky like? still grey!

what's motivating me? wildie rabbits, windswept dogs (including an Airedale Terrier *yay*), accessing a pound, medicinal Jaffa Cakes, getting home without getting wet, reading, happy times, radiance

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