Wednesday, 15 January 2014


evidence that I went to the beach

We were so close to having a NSD yesterday, I resisted buying the "Postcards from Puffin" book covers box thing from the charity shop even though it was "only" £5. I didn't take any money out with me at all and refused kind offers for the item to be held for me until today. I reasoned it's not all that rare, it's not original, it doesn't have special significance to me and it was just a nice thing. There are millions of nice things in the world, I don't have to try to own them all. Dan spent £1, a meeting location had been changed so he had to put £1 in the coffee box so all the attendees of the meeting could have a coffee. Better than it could have been.

It was our wedding anniversary recently. We went from thinking we were going to have a lovely evening meal together, to having to make it a reasonably nice lunch to making do with a slightly-less-rushed-than-usual breakfast. We were going to nip out for something nice but instead had a rummage in the freezer and found enough to cobble together a pretty nice cooked breakfast, no money spent, pats on the back. We had bought something for our celebratory lunch so that's been divided up and will provided lunches for 3 days.

In non financial news, I left my cardi at the charity shop yesterday but managed to get it back this morning, it was on the verge of being put out to be sold, glad I went in early. The hole White Bunny chewed in the armchair isn't as bad as first feared. It is a big hole but luckily it's in the corned of one of the back cushions, not the middle of the seat like last time. So it can be easily hidden and I think there may even be enough of a flap for a repair. 

Yesterday I commented on a blog that I rarely go to the beach even though it's very close and I told myself I'd go every day when we moved here. Sometimes I don't go from one month to the next. So I went today after collecting my cardigan, was barked at by a dog and had a lovely time. I also visited the library. Will I read the book I took out? Who can say.

Ten star jumps and a cup of tea for me.

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