Friday, 17 January 2014

Quilt Progress #2

This is a very new and unplanned thing brought about by the stack of stuff I bought from Empress Mills last week. I'm doing a Mixtape design and it's just for me. The other two quilts were for Dan so it's weird and fun to make one for myself. It's also very easy to do so I've made quite a good start on the blocks. 

the fabrics
There's not a huge amount to see in terms of the  blocks as they're just straightish strips, some are arranged vertically, some horizontally. I like the simple yet fun nature of it. I chose this partly because Dan's quilt and the patchwork wall panel are both wonky log cabin. Originally I thought I was going to go for log cabin again for this but decided on this as it's different but not dissimilar. Hopefully it'll compliment and contrast in a good way. 

the first few blocks

As you can see they're not pressed or trimmed yet, there is still a long way to go with this. I haven't decided on a colour for sashing either. It's going to mainly be used in the living area so I'm edging towards orange as we have quite a bit of orange in there already and it will go well with Dan's quilt. 

I bought quite a lot of some of the fabric so at the minute I think I will use scraps to make a strip backing, rather than a plainish one. 

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