Friday, 17 January 2014

Quilt Progress #1

It's like the night here, so everything looks a bit shadowy.

wonky bonky blocks

For my first, and only, two quilts I've bought virtually all the fabric in one go. This quilt has bits and bobs from all over and bought throughout the year. It's the first time I've made a large quilt and this is going to be a kingsize for the spare bedroom, it's kind of seaside inspired and is a wonky 9 patch square. As with the other two, I'm learning a lot and I really think it would be easier to make this one with a sewing machine as hardly any of my seams match up, but it's great fun and I love the fabrics, even a couple of pretty ugly fabrics I ended up with somewhere along the line. 

the ugly fabrics

the back

The back is, hopefully, going to be made from some old fabric I bought last summer from a craft/vintage fair at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. I say "hopefully" as it still smells vintagey. I love it though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

emergency plains for the too-small blocks *oops*
The grey chevron and squiggly one that looks like a 1980's duvet cover came from Abakhan, these are going to be used as plain squares between the wonky blocks. There are other bits from the craft shop in St Annes, online, the outlet mill and Grace and Favour at a funny shopping place in Thornton. 


The Jenn Ski "Mod Century" fabric is a favourite of mine, I used the green version on the sofa quilt last year and picked up some of the turquoise at the same time, I love it (the green version can be seen under the "The Tricky One" tab at the top of the page if you're interested). I think this quilt made with Mod Century fabrics is just amazing, I see that and know I have so much to learn. 

The idea is to work from dark to light when I do the layout, but that's not a firm decision yet. 


  1. I love the wonky patchwork blocks. They look really good. You're using some lovely fabrics.

    1. Thanks, I really like them. It should really suit the room.

  2. I may. have read it wrongly, but are you doing everything by hand? When i see quilting i always assume à sewing m/c will be getting used. P.S. pretty fabric - even the ugly ones! Sx

    1. No, you haven't read it wrongly, I do everything by hand, I think machine quilts look more perfect and I love looking at them, but it's not for me. Thanks for nipping in.

    2. Looking at my previous comment, I really have to pay more attention when I'm typing using my phone! Oh dear :(

      I really admire you sewing by hand and if your first and second attempts are anything to go by, it will turn in to a gorgeous quilt.