Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Out and In

The wait is over and now here we are. Some things will carry on, some will start, some will stop. 

out - the perennial fund. We've had this for years and it's been good, but for this year at least we're going without it. It's the fund for insurance, car tax, glasses, vet, tyres and all that stuff. We're not saving a set amount for it, there is money going into various accounts but we're going to cash flow this type of stuff wherever possible. If it's not possible, then there's always the emergency fund.

in - the change jar. We didn't have one this year, every time we started one it was raided for car parking, bits and bobs or chocolate emergencies. We now have the sealed Q box. We shall see. 

out - grocery shopping. We've found ourselves at the shops far too frequently of late, so now we're shopping one day and if we need bunny veg I can pick it up on my charity shop day.

in - measuring. I've been letting our portion sizes creep up "as a treat", being fat isn't a treat.

out - planning. Too much planning is bad for me. If something's on my mind I can overthink which means I feel like I've done the whatever-it-is already so when the time comes to actually get on an do it I don't want to!

in - using the Kindle. Since university I have been pretty much unable to concentrate on books. I the last 6 years I have read one novel from start to finish. All the speed and skim reading has ruined me. Before I went to university I was a massive reader but now, not at all. I have had a bit of success with the Kindle though so I'm going to forget my plans of jaunting the the library and slow down using the device. Hopefully it'll do the trick. 

out - sitting. I sit down far too much. I am focusing on moving about more. Again, I used to be really active - walking, weight training, generally bodding about. When we moved here I thought I'd make the most of being near the beach, having a garden, having a garage to exercise in. It didn't happen and now I'm pretty sedentary.

in - saying yes to things. Saying yes to the positive things is far more exciting than saying no. I spend a lot of time and energy saying no because of the roadblocks (real and imagined) in my way. 

So, as I said yesterday, more doing. I have to confess I didn't exactly leap out of bed and do ten star jumps this morning. I woke up in th middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep so I'm a little teeny bit like a zombie but that's ok, I had no plans.  

P.S There was £10 left in the grocery account, so that will be going into the savings account tomorrow .


  1. Your comment "fat isn't a treat" is an excellent one for me. I really want to try and remember that.

    1. *yay* Hi Tracey, thanks for commenting! I can confirm that I have exercised with weights for the past two days, back to it :-)