Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Life Audit Update

It's been a few months since I first started thinking about the life audit, I wanted to change a few things as I was in a funk but I didn't really know what because the things I knew I had to change involved me doing things I didn't want to do!

So I have started volunteering at the charity shop one afternoon a week. I can't say it's going well or it's going badly, it's just there. I neither enjoy myself nor dislike being there. The afternoon doesn't half drag on though. So whether that's a positive change or not it's hard to say, I've only been going since about November so it's early days I suppose. 

I haven't done much fitness wise, probably because it's the biggest issue and I can't really be bothered. Food has been more or less back to normal for a week or so, I have done a bit of exercise and we made the decision to not drink any alcohol for a month, I thought I might register the change of routine of nipping for a drink after shopping, but switching shopping to Thursday has meant it has neither been here nor there. It's also been my birthday and our anniversary, two occasions where we would probably have a drink, it's not even crossed my mind. A great way to lose weight and not spend a fortune (the £100 day out is still in my mind). I haven't taken part in the 5.5k a day thing I was invited to join. Today I'm wearing a skirt that didn't fit before Christmas so some flab has gone away somehow. 

I have two quilts on the go which is exciting and I've started messing about with cutting the lino for some prints. 

I didn't do the online course I signed up for.

I made an effort to meet up with friends I hadn't seen for a while, I ended up going out for an evening with one of them and it was ok, nothing to write home about. Dan suggests I'm old fashioned in not wanting people to constantly be messing with their phone when having a conversation. Other people who had mentioned meeting up didn't follow through so that's that in my mind, no point flogging a dead horse, if something happens it will, I'm not going to push it. On the other hand I made the decision to not do the chase me - chase me I do every year with one of my school friends who always makes arrangements then backs out, often without mentioning it, I just declined the invitation. 

On the other hand, other than getting my birthday wrong, there has been a marked upturn in the relationship between me and my eldest brother, it's all down to him becoming a parent I think. Oh yes, there is also a small child and her brother and sister in my life. They're actually all pretty cool and it's fun to spend time with them and play with their toys. I like his girlfriend a lot too. 

Starting to think maybe it is me after all. This all points to me being some kind of anti-social grumpet. Interesting, maybe the charity shop woman was right all along, perish the thought. 

To end on a high, the change box now weighs 300g more than it did last week, we've saved a fair bit of cash and the £90 grocery budget meant I could buy Dan something nice for his birthday. Now I see it all written down I'm pretty happy.


  1. I think you've got more plusses than negatives there.
    Love from Mum

    1. Thanks Mum, I agree, the areas where I've "failed" were ones I wasn't excited about changing and there have been many unexpected perks.

      Two things to add to the downside - I left my cardi at the charity shop today, who knows if I'll get that back and the white bunny chewed a hole in my armchair. Hardly the end of the world.