Friday, 10 January 2014

January Shopping Week Two

It's not a proper week, it's a shopping week, in this case 10 days, just to get into the routine of Thursday to Thursday. Although we didn't go shopping last night but don't let the facts get in the way of what I'm thinking. 

We went to Aldi for a poke about this week. It opened in the town in November but I hadn't been in until Saturday. Other than the two teenage girls having a tiff it was pretty calm and not too busy which was great. We used to go to the various discount supermarkets quite a lot but I hadn't visited for a long time as it involved going to the next town along. I was really surprised at the amount of brand name stuff there, it was a bit like an oddly lit M&S. 

£ 7.31 f&v
£10.58 dairy/non-dairy
£ 3.78 lentils and things
£ 7.94 pantry
£ 4.79 drinks
£ 4.59 bread
£14.40 non-food

£53.39 Week One (1 - 10 January) total

Week one contained three no spend days, which is better than a kick in the face. It also contained a work leaving lunch, a birthday and a social visit. So spending was high but for the start of the year with lots of stuff to do I don't think it was that bad. There's been a lot of non-food spending, most of it is stuff for organising, lots of cable ties to make another shelf for my shoe rack for example. It leaves just over £12 a week for the rest of the month which seems ridiculous but we'll see. 


  1. I used to like shopping on a Thursday night but this year I am trying Wednesday as I have a few appointments after work on Thursdays now. £12 a week sounds quite tight but good luck and I hope you succceed.

    1. Thursday works for us as it's too tempting to chuck a weekend treat into the basket if we go on a Friday.

      I don't know if we'll hit our target but I think it will be close. Thanks for nipping in.