Thursday, 23 January 2014

January Shopping Week 4

I'm doing the round up today as we're not going shopping until Saturday so it's all done and dusted for this week. There were two small trips this week, the cost should have been minimal as Dan has had lunch provided at work four times. However, I was trusted to nip to M&S for something and I got overexcited and spent an extra £4. 

£ 4.59 f&v salad reduced to 34p, cauli, leek, mushrooms, broccoli
£ 3.26 dairy and non-dairy
£ 9.95 pantry soup, cereal, chocolate bar, stuffing, sauces
£ 1.39 bread
£  .20 non-food newspaper - the loyalty card discounts all but 20p of the cost

Total £19.39

Total £97.35 

To see us to the end of the month I only need to buy ingredients for 3/4 meals. There are a couple of things in the freezer, I have enough in already for tonight, tomorrow and Saturday and FIL has invited us over for pre-birthday tea next Friday. 


  1. You've done really well this month. I think I'm spending too much on food. I'll have to see where I can cut back.
    Love from Mum

    1. Thanks, I feel like I've made progress. You've been too busy with your beautiful Filofax to think about silly things like food!