Friday, 3 January 2014

January Groceries, Week One

While still not leaping out of bed and doing ten star jumps first thing in the morning, I am being quietly productive. We went to Abakhan and I spent £12.85 on enough fabric to finish the big quilt, thought it would cost more but there was an extra £15% off, very than happy with that. Kindle reading is going well and eating is on course. There's no way I'm going out today so a batch cook is in order, haven't done one for a while, so I'll just be making chilli, curry, something with butterbeans and maybe a pie. 

We've decided Thursday is going to be the day we go shopping, for no other reason than it seemed to make sense. We stuck to the list and as luck would have it, much of the stuff on we wanted was cheaper than usual. Some of it was unavailable, but when it does appear, it will be a bit cheaper! Hooray for resolutions to be healthy as the cereal Dan eats and almond milk were cheaper than usual, so we stocked up. I love January! We spent £37.69.

£ 5.74 Fruit & Veg 
£ 5.90 dairy and non-dairy 
£ 3.78 lentils and things
£ 7.19 pantry (baked beans, cereal etc)
£ 4.79 drinks (tea)
£ 3.29 bread
£ 7.00 non-food 

P.S. I also found the calendar Em gave to us when she visited last year, so now I have one without having to wait until they're cheap, and I get to look at some very nice pictures of Croatia each month. 


  1. Good luck with the quilt. I hope you post a reveal when it's finished as I love to get inspired by other people's handiwork. I'm off to Asda now to get some food in. Glad to be back to normal eating that's for sure, I've put pounds on this Christmas. Whilst not wanting to sound ungrateful it doesn't help that we've got chocolates to last us until Easter. It's slowly coming off though, so hopefully by the time I've been back exercising for a week I'll be back to normal weight.

    1. I certainly will share a picture, it may not be this year though as it's a king size quilt and I've never made one that large before.

      We're not fully back to normal eating as we have a birthday and an anniversary to navigate first, won't be too bad though. I agree with you, it's nice to be back to the regular, everyday foods.