Monday, 20 January 2014

February Menu Plan

Clearly we're not willing/able to stick to £90 a month for groceries. Well, I think we could but I don't think it's going to happen unless and until it becomes a necessity. It looks like £110 is a very comfortable amount, maybe with a £10 stashed away for stocking up if needed. Even if we spend the £110 plus bonus £10 that's still £70 a month less than before. Not too shabby. 

Rather than just going into the general savings pot, the grocery savings are going towards stag do and wedding costs, which are going to be considerable. One of the many good things is that with only a major detour we'll be nipping to Bristol to see the Jeremy Deller "English Magic" exhibition. Very exciting and a massive stroke of luck. 

Anyway. I think this menu makes it pretty clear how I get everything used up and get rid of leftovers. I've started plan leftovers for Tuesday night so I can just grab and go when I get home from the shop. 

1. out

2. triple decker burger w. salad (birthday request)
3. tagine w. herby potatoes
4. l/o w. giant cous cous
5. spaghetti
6. chilli w. quinoa
7. green thai curry w. noodles
8. chestnut and ale pie

9. bubble and squeak w. pepper sauce
10 enchiladas
11 jambalaya (l/o bean mixture)
12 singapore noodles
13 potato & lentil layer bake (like veg lasagne only with spuds, not pasta)
14 lentil and mushroom curry w. socca
15 pizza

16 l/o curry w. pitta rugby season starts, Widnes v London. It's like it's never been away!
17 winter veg ratatouille w. pasta
18 berbere w. bulghur
19 leek and butterbean crumble
20 paprika tofu w. greens and something 
21 chickpea curry
22 salt and pepper tofu stirfry

23 roast
24 chilli w orange & sweet potato mash & sage butter
25 roast veg and sage risotto w. bean patty
26 lentil, garlic and bean stew
27 mushroom stroganoff w. herb crumb topping
28 picnic - soup and sandwich probably Widnes v Hudderfield

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