Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Charity Shop Treasure #1

There are plenty of bargains left at the shop, so if you're in SAS, don't be afraid to visit Age UK, all books are 49p, dvds and cds buy one get one free. Roll up, roll up. 

charity shop shoe rack
I try to not buy things from any charity shop I volunteer at. for the simple reason there's always something, and if there's always something then there will always be something next time. I also dislike the "oh you get the pick of the stuff" thing, we don't. 

Having said all that, yesterday was too good to resist. As soon as I arrived for my shift I saw the first two items and had them set aside, knowing I had just enough cash to buy them. Then as I was tidying up I noticed the shoe rack and was mulling it over. Then the manager commented "if you like all that retro stuff have you seen the table in the window?" I had not. I battled with myself all afternoon - Should I? Shouldn't I? But three of the four items were on my house list and the fourth was just great.

Here is the confession, I ran (and I did run) to the bank and took some money from my ISA to buy the stuff. I was a bit cross with myself but there you go. Extra added bonus, I got a lift home as someone brought everything home for me in their car. How lovely. 

The shoe rack is actually some kind of tea trolley, I had a peek under the top shelf and there was a label

slightly blurred but you get the idea
And here it is in my kitchen, as you can see it's a very good colour to go with my doors.

And here it is with a new purpose of a bunny hidey hole, they love it under there, although The White One has had a little nibble already. I paid £6.99 for it which is not too bad in my opinion. £6.99 for the table, the rabbits were £80 the pair from the amazing folk at RSPCA Manchester and Salford. 


  1. Worth every penny, all items. I want one of those wire racks for my conservatory to hold 'stuff' in, as I've no storage. I also have a tea trolley but it is dark oak and has two drop down leaves which I bought for my conservatory and for storage underneath. The Danish label was very popular in the 1960s 70s and it is usually very good quality. It's also got what appears to be Shepherd/s casters which roll better than the wheels that are on mine. Well done.

    1. Thanks, I'm pleased. It does appear to be great quality and rolls very well. I'm going to clean it up today and find a home for it.