Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Rebrand Update

The rebrand so far has been as much about buying as it has been about doing. I think we're out of the buying phase now and it's more about using what I've bought. I love the new wardrobe, for the first time ever none of the new stuff is second hand. I usually like a rummage as much as the next person but that wasn't what I needed this time round.

Even though I have been working towards a tight capsule wardrobe I abandoned everything I've ever read about minimalist shopping, I needed an open mind to allow me to be focused. Having everything (as long as it was grey, black or silver) as an option made it simple to choose the best items for me. I even bought four bottles of nail polish to replace the one I've just finished instead of keeping just the one and using it all the time. That simple thing, costing less than £9 feels like a real luxury and as such is exactly what I was after to energise myself. I rounded off the shopping with some comfy insoles for my new boots, some shoe polish and a grey bag all from the Army and Navy shop.

I had a shift at the charity shop, the unpleasant woman was leaving as I arrived which made everything far more relaxing. It actually put me in a very lighthearted mood as she made a point of ignoring me when she was saying her goodbyes, nice to know I can stir such emotions in a virtual stranger! The shift was OK, I think when I am on full duties time will go much faster and it's a good excuse to force me out of the house for a walk. Whether or not I've lost weight I don't know but I do feel better and less sludgy so that's good enough for now.

The house is coming on well and feels very light and bright, quilting is back on the menu, I bought some printing materials yesterday, not a totally new thing but something I haven't done since college. Weirdly it popped into my brain that when I was a teenager I wanted to be a florist. I went down the academic route and hadn't thought about that whim for over 20 years. I don't know if it's an avenue I want to investigate now but maybe a flower arranging course could be an option.

At the opposite end of the glamour spectrum I was out in my pyjamas this morning, the compost bin took off across the garden and I didn't want it to do any damage to the houses. I also had to scoop up all the compost and decomposing stuff to stop that flying around too. Probably not the most fun task of the day.


  1. Great to hear about the rebrand, you sound re-energised.

  2. It sounds like you are really turning a corner. Like you, I've spent many years now buying my clothes mostly second hand. I think because I stayed home to look after my daughter I didn't feel entitled to go out and spend money on new things as I didn't earn any money. I still feel like that sometimes, despite being encouraged to buy nice things. I have started to buy more new things in the last year although usually in the sale and relatively inexpensive, as I still essentially like a bargain. I do try to be very careful to buy things I really like on and will wear a lot and not just toss in the wardrobe and or wear for one season and discard. It's working so far and next year I think I'm going to try to carry on in the same vein maybe even buying the odd high quality item here and there. Good luck with the rebranding. The flower arranging course sounds like a great idea. Even if you decide not to pursue a career in it, it adds to your skills base and I always find its good to get out and meet new people whilst doing these things.

  3. I understand that, I was the same, it was easier for me to buy things for the house when I wanted something as it was something nice but it seemed like it was for both of us, nit a selfish purchase just for me.

    I do love a bargain (and got a few during these shopping trips) but I needed to not restrict myself. Hopefully now I'll be mindful to buy the odd item here and there so I don't reach a point where I need a grand overhaul again.