Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New Things

Along with the surprising realisation that I would really have liked to be a florist a couple of other new things have come about this week. Firstly, next year I will make a rag rug. We don't have any proper flooring in the living room (can't decide what to go for) so we have a mish mash of rugs, not in a beautiful cool magazine house way just in a "it's what we had in" way. Plus I'd like to make a rag rug. 

Wore some of my new things out on Saturday and felt great. 

A new thing arrived last night, a real tree. We have never experienced a real tree at home before, either as small folk or as adults. Every year we say we're going to have one and every year we talk ourselves out of it due to the cost. Not this year. Last night we headed out and bought one. The house smells amazing! Yes it probably is a waste of money but I don't care, it's a beautiful thing, even if it is just in a bucket of water with no baubles on at the minute. 

The pretty new only-three-weeks-in thing is today at the charity shop. First week I was really bored, then skipped a week due to lack of communication, last week was ok, I neither loved nor hated it - plus the nasty woman totally ignored me so I was happy about that, saves me having to involve myself with any unpleasantness. So this week who knows, I'm not not looking forward to it so that's good and maybe I will be unleashed on the till this week. Won't that be exciting. 


  1. I just call it playing shop. The ding, ding, ding is extremely satisfying. (I'm easily pleased.)
    I'm with you on the real tree. It's my one indulgence at Christmas.
    Love from Mum

    1. Hi Mum, I'm still not allowed to use the till, I'm looking forward to it.

  2. I would hate to use a till. A computer, yes, but not cash machine. You mentioned making a rag rug. I have been collecting stuff for ages to make one. My Gran always had one and I think we did at home when I was a kid.
    I have been collecting old woollen fabric and scarves from charity shops or jumble sales. I think I have enough now to make a start and even have a frame on which to tack the sacking I am going to use for the base. I got a fabric 'picture' from Freegle which I realised would make a good frame.

    1. My Grandad used to make them too, there was always one in front of the fire.

      I haven't started collecting the fabric yet but I get the feeling that will be as much fun as the rug itself.