Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Temple, My Castle

You can't change one thing without everything else having to jiggle up and that's what's happening this week. Still reeling from the shock of our spending on Saturday I've had to address a couple of things - mainly why do I eat and drink so much when we're out with this one particular friend? Don't do it with anyone else. 

Anyway, as I've been busy pondering and doing things differently it's meant that other things have to be done differently. I got up today and the house was like a bombsite. So the basic things have been neglected a little, easy to remedy and done already, that's just a case of first things first. I now have a wardrobe full of clothes*, a house that is getting there, lovely friends and family, a couple of savings accounts that are starting to fill up, a hobby or two and now a day out playing shops (thanks to Mum for that fun way to describe it). Now I need to look after my body. I think everyone by now has seen the weightloss challenge issued over at Frugal In Bucks and while I don't know if I'm in, I'm certainly thinking about myself again. 

My days are starting to take on a little structure - not too much but just enough so I feel like I have tome for things. At the minute I have all the time in the world but no time in particular so I haven't been making anything a priority, now everything is a priority! So, basic household stuff, exercise, shower, everything else will be the order of the day. Although it does beg the question what am going to use as a doorstop if I'm using my weights?

Next thing to face up to is the financial stuff, but not today, I have to lift things up and put them down again for a bit. 

*well, 60 items of clothing in total

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