Friday, 20 December 2013

January Menu Plan

Blimey, here we are already. Even though it's really just another month it feels quite difficult to do this plan. I suppose it's all bound up in the intentions and desires to make a good start to the new year and all that stuff. 

One thing we are planning to do is to have a roast or similar on a Sunday, at least until the rugby season starts. I'm also putting simple stuff on a Tuesday. I don't get back from the shop until 5 so minimal prep is the order of the day. It's basic, it's simple, it's using what I know we have in. When stocks run low I'll probably look for some new recipes but I'm not a foodie type so eating the same tried and tested things each time works well for me, Dan is the same, it works well even if it might bore others to tears!

1. leftovers - there's bound to be something
2. risotto/fried rice
3. chestnut pie w mash
4. plaki w lentil grill

5. roast
6. stirfry w. noodles
7. spaghetti
8. out
9. leek & butterbean crumble
10 lentil and mushroom curry w rice
11 cajun spiced wedges w falafel

12 roast
13 mushroom stroganoff
14 enchiladas
15 jambalaya
16 lemon and herb tart w patatas bravas
17 chickpea balti w baked bhajis
18 roast veg pasta

19 roast
20 lentil, garlic and butterbean stew w bread
21 orzotto
22 chilli bean bake
23 spicy bean balls w tomato sauce
24 stirfry
25 pizza

26 roast
27 pasta bake
28 shepherdess pie
29 l/o
30 chickpea balti (fr)
31 empty the fridge one pot


  1. Your menu plans always amaze me. They sound far from boring. I find them very diverse. Can't say the same for ours which are pretty predictable choices for meat eaters.

    1. Thanks, it really is 101 ways to manipulate a butterbean! I like predictable/tried and tested, it's always going to be popular and it's easy to cook without too much thought and fuss.

  2. How was the meet with the old friend?

    1. Thanks for asking.

      It was weird. It was ok but it didn't feel like anyone was actually having a good time, just going through the motions. Actually, that sounds like a lot of nights out doesn't it.