Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Food Log

bunnies add to the romance

First of all, I was wrong in my comments yesterday, we became debt free in 2006, saved for 2 years for a car which should have taken us to December 2008 but only took until the end of August. Phew, cleared that one up. Thank you Dave Ramsey.

I've been having a look at my online supermarket receipts (thank you Booths) and it's an interesting read. Obviously I don't buy everything from the supermarket so, just out of interest, I'm going to go back to keeping a note of everything I buy. Just to check I really am sticking to the budget I say I am and to keep an eye on anything naughty that's sneaking into the trollop. I know how the budget's going this month as there's still £98.07 in the grocery account so I'm still just under budget but we'll go over and probably end up around the £110 mark again. But that's fine, happy with that. 

We're going to stick with an aim of £90 for January. As I said yesterday we're not hitting that goal but it's always in mind which has been helpful. If I upped the ideal goal to £110, which is around what we're spending then I'd probably still go over. It's one of those games, fools no-one but is helpful anyway. 

Father in Law has offered to take us out for tea on Saturday so that's another couple of quid saved. There's a lot of veg hanging around so it looks like a batch cook is in order tomorrow, along with a tidy of the freezer. It's been a case of "stash and dash" in there recently so a jiggle and inventory might be useful. It's mainly bread and things I think but who knows what delights await?

I love the real Christmas tree, it looks and smells amazing, so happy with it and Dan loves it. He has been the driving force behind getting it so I'm glad he likes it as much as he does. As you can see from the grainy photo, we've had to add a rather municipal looking fence around it to keep the buns, especially White Bunny away from it as she thinks it's rather tasty. That's not saying a deal though as she finds soft furnishings, skirting boards, shoes, peanut butter, me and carrier bags tempting too. I don't know what she'll make of the Festivus pole. 


  1. The tree looks gorgeous. I do miss having a real one but am trying to make proper use of our artificial one. It's a little less messy too. We could do with a fence round ours to keep the dog off it. A few artificial berries and fairy light bulbs have succumbed to her jaws thus far.

    1. Thanks, I think the fence adds a certain something. We lost a few baubles last year thanks to Big Grey, the main cables for the lights are wrapped with cable protector, we've lost many things in the past!