Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I've seen about the place that folk are choosing a word or concept to carry them through 2014. After not a huge amount of thought mine is going to be something along the lines of "action" or "doing". I seem to have done a lot of planning and talking recently and now is the time to do something too. 

Yesterday I was chatting to someone I know from an exercise forum I used to visit and I swore to her (or myself) that I would not be having the same conversation this time next year as we were having right then. That's all about doing. I am fully equipped but having the right stuff doesn't mean anything if I don't use it.

As for NYE can you believe I have to go to the charity shop. Ha! I am secretly hoping that it's really really quiet, quite the opposite of doing, but I am allowing myself one final day of lazing. 

Best wishes to everyone.


  1. Best wishes to you and yours for the coming year.
    Love from Mum