Saturday, 28 December 2013

December Groceries Roundup

Today was not a no spend day but it was a "get a few things crossed off the list day". Breaking our normal rule we went to the shops, although it was really, really quiet so it didn't feel like we were at the sales, few people, no queues, no nothing really. 

We used the Christmas gift vouchers and a bit of cash to buy some stuff we were after - craft storage for me , work clothes and new trainers for Dan and a new rug for the buns. Not exciting but there you go, I'd rather use a voucher for a shop I don't usually visit to get these things than to part with my own cash. The quilt storage is very nice too, it's a big bag for me to stash everything in at the end of the day, if it doesn't quite make its way into the cupboard it still looks good in the room. It's massive and very sturdy.

We also bought groceries, we spent £9.92 including a big (reduced) quiche for Dan, it's a very rare treat these days so why not. So we are well over the £90 target, but we already new that. We're just under £128 which is still less than the "real" budget of £190. As I said the other day, we shouldn't need too much next month, although I need to add toilet paper to the list. The pantry is still well stocked and little stocking gifts like bags of dried fruit and nuts are a great addition to the breakfast cupboard, so thanks to everyone for them. Oh, Dan found a quid this morning too, bonus!

It just goes to show that we went over budget because we over bought. But there's been no waste as we were careful with the fresh stuff we bought. There are a few bits hanging around but they'll all be used up by the end of next week. As a New Year's Eve treat we have some Indian-style party snacks. MIL had them in the freezer for Wednesday night but we didn't eat them so they came home with us. We can have half on Tuesday night and the other half during January when the month seems long and the nights very dreary.

Next month I'll be listing everything I buy from the grocery budget so I have a proper idea of what's what. It could be dull, you have been warned. 


  1. I bought a paper for husband to do crossword, and some frozen chips for a quick meal for him but am trying too to use what we have. I hate to add that I went out for a meal with some friends and I tried hard to get out of it but was told that I never go out with them and so thought as it was Christmas, I ought to at least make an effort. I do think eating out is a waste of money but sometimes it's nice to meet up with friends. It is not going to be a a weekly thing, by no means!

    1. Hi, I know what you mean about eating out. We go out with friends throughout the year and it can be expensive, as our £100 day out illustrated recently. I always try to order things I wouldn't make at home so at least I'm not thinking how little I could have spent making it!

      When we were getting rid of our debts socialising went out of the window, so I embrace it as much as possible these days and enjoy it as much as I can.