Monday, 30 December 2013

Countdown to "The Big One"

I've cut out another single use item, toilet cleaner. Recently I bought a bottle of pine disinfectant and when I read the blurb it said it can be used the clean the toilet. Excellent. I'm not usually an anti-bac, disinfectant person but I have the bottle and it's already had a load of use, even if it's not massively eco-friendly. When we were first cutting down on spending I tried all the frugal tips, vinegar and bicarb for cleaning came up all the time. True, they do the job but it's not a cheap way to do it in my experience.

We're totting up our savings targets and things for next year. It's a lot. I'm really happy because our master "to buy" list is pretty short. This list is everything we "need" for the year ahead - clothes, shoes, work stuff, DIY things and all that. The only things on the list this time are the big things, which we know won't happen like a replacement kitchen and flooring for the living area. That's ok. We're planning on a fairly quiet year generally because we have a couple of really big events to attend. 

Dan has also pointed out that this time next year I will be nearly 40. I'm not a bucket list/ 101 places to see before you die type of person but if I want to do something involving a rabbit sitter then it's more likely to be a goer if I'm 40 rather than 39 or 41 (people are more likely to say yes to my request). Dan is doing the sums to see if my big want is a possibility so we shall see. Budget squeezing is going to be even more severe if so, hooray!

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