Thursday, 26 December 2013

£90 Shopping List

Trying to cram all the food gifts we received into the pantry I decided to use my new mini notepad to do the pantry inventory and work out the basic shopping list for next month. I was very happy to see we're still very well stocked so I won't be feeling the need to run out to the shops, now there's a relief. Luckily, one of our gifts was a set of jars of chutney, very useful for lunchtime. I'm not fully sure what we're going to do with the hamper of ginger products but I'm sure they'll come in useful somewhere along the line. 

Not included in the £90 is £16 for hay.

bunny veg
other veg (whatever's cheap or looks good)
other fruit

sandwich filling

puff pastry

chilli flakes
cereal (3 boxes)

shampoo bar

The shampoo bar will take a chunk out of the budget but it's needed. We don't need any other household products so it'll be an inexpensive month in that regard. £90 feels very doable, but I say that every time!


  1. How organised you are! I'm nowhere like as organised as you. Husband will only eat so many veggie meals. (You're vegan?) I don't have much room for lots of food stocks and my fridge is only small. Hoping to make what's in my fridge last for quite a while.

    We ate at Son's and daughter in law's yesterday and it was nice not to have to make a meal and just bring with me a scrumptious dessert (not made by me but I bought it and highly successful too) and wine, plus a loaf of my home made bread.

    I do admire the way you post so frequently, I don't always have anything to say and even then, it's not that interesting.

    1. Thank you.

      I'm not vegan as I use butter and have cow milk in my tea but I'm not a fan of dairy products, don't like the texture, so most of what we eat is vegan.

      It is nice to not have to cook sometimes isn't it. I did Christmas dinner for us but someone else did the hard work on Christmas Eve and today. It was lovely to have a break from it.

      Scrumptious dessert sounds right up my street too! All the best.