Monday, 16 December 2013

2014 Planning

It will be more of the same with some things done differently! We've slightly adjusted the amount going straight into savings so there's more than we're currently saving but we're going against the grain and getting rid of the annual expense fund. We've had one for coming up to 10 years and it doesn't really work for us any more. We may return to this system of budgeting in the future, but not next year. 

It was ideal when we were paying off debts and we needed to know there was a separate account for car stuff, vet bills, gifts and things like that but that's not where we are now. We've been working to a budget since 2003 when we had the lightbulb moment so over the years we've jiggled and adjusted things so it works out that we have one biggish expense per month - January is nothing, February Dan glasses, March pre-paid prescription, April loads of birthdays, May car stuff, over the summer my glasses, any work on the house and the boiler service, October car tax, November bunny vaccinations, December Christmas. So we can just deal with those expenses from the main budget because we know they're coming. If there's an emergency there's the emergency fund to fall back on. 

We're not going to reduce the amount going into the grocery budget account but it looks like we can do well on far less than the £190 a month we thought we were struggling on. We haven't stuck to £90 for the past two months but having it as an aim has been great as we've been much closer to it than we would have been otherwise. The surplus cash has been stashed into my ISA for a nice little boost. 

If it ever stops raining I'm going to nip out for a sealed pot. I started a change jar but it has already been raided for change for car parking, so a sealed vessel is needed!

We're not having a not-holiday next year but we are heading south for a wedding, assuming we can find someone to babysit the bunnies. We've never left the buns overnight before but we really want to go to the wedding so fingers crossed. We're also both invited to the stag do in London but whether that happens or not I don't know. I very much like the idea of going to a stag do as I've never been on one before, with being a woman and all that so it's very tempting. We shall see. 


  1. Hi, as we are still paying off some debts I read your post with great interest. Do you do all your food shopping for £190 a month? If so that's brilliant. I find it hard to do less than £60 a week for two,of us and we have top ups mid week as well.

  2. Hi, thanks for nipping in.

    The grocery budget of £190 is for food, cleaning products, some basic household stuff (curtain hooks, bird food, wrapping paper etc), rabbit food, litter and hay. I have to buy bunny greens, sandwich stuff and occasionally milk midweek but that's generally it.

    I think the main saving for us is that we don't eat meat. We were meat eaters until we started being very serious about paying our debts off and we stopped eating it to save money! I know I don't talk about money saving all that much but we cut everything we could to get rid of our debts at that time. Some things we stuck to like being veggie, other things we didn't, like getting the car back on the road, getting our hair cut by a professional (we cut our own hair for about 5 years and hated it).

    It's just a matter of chipping away at budgets, something that seems like a necessity now might become something you're not bothered about this time next year. As the storecupboard builds there's weekly expense on the basics and things drop into a routine. You sound like you're doing well and even though there will be setbacks, there always are, you'll be grand, everything balances out.

  3. Thankfully we are not paying off any debt but frugal ways tend to stay.
    Love from Mum

    1. Hi Mum,

      We've been debt free since 2007 and you're right, having been in a situation where we did owe money there are some things that just stay with you. Occasionally a friend will comment on something in the house and I won't even notice it's not what everyone does as I'm just so used to doing it!