Tuesday, 26 November 2013

When The Laptop Goes Away

When the laptop goes away there is time to sort out the garage amongst other things. I decided to wait until it was -1 to do my garage but I love ruddy cheeks so it was all positive.

The phrase "stash and dash" was created to describe what happened in the garage. A box containing one sponge and a plant pot. A whole shelf taken up with four cork tiles and a cut off of wallpaper and lots of stuff on the floor because there was no space on the shelves. At the minute the garage looks great but the living room is full of spanners. This morning I've emptied three boxes and the toolbox. The toolbox will be returning to its original use as my quilting toolbox and the other boxes will just be empty. This, of course means I have to deal with my quilting stuff, the thought of which makes me happy and scared in equal measure, good job I have the time.

There has also been time for writing the budget, master shoppimg list, sorting the junk drawer, having a ruthless declutter of my wardrobe, dealing with my cookbooks, cuddling bunnies, exfoliation, rearranging the DVDs and even ironing. being laptop free is almost ideal.

I detest typing on this tablet, apologies for any typos I've missed but I've already been at this for over an hour. A keyboard is right at the top of my Christmas list.


  1. Heck, you have been busy. We could do with someone tidying our garage.
    Love from Mum

    1. It's been fun. I've seen my house through fresh eyes.