Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Went Out Shopping

A mere five days in to the month I caved in to food shopping. I couldn't pass the greengrocers, everything just looked so nice. Weird as it seems to say it, I missed fresh vegetables and didn't want to wait any longer to have some. Apparently having food ready to go in the freezer isn't always great - it's only great most of the time!

So I ended up spending £11.54 on apples, a cauliflower, peppers, loads of mushrooms, leeks, broccoli, something else and a few bits and bobs from the bread shop. It was amazing *yum*. This afternoon I made curry, lentil bol and a shepherdess pie as we didn't have it at the end of last month. Cooking done for the next few days. Happy happy me. 


  1. Doesn't everything add up quickly these days - you don't get much for your money and even the basics are expensive now. The offers are good for stocking up but I find on a low budget they can take most of my allowance for the week. Still you cannot beat fresh veg and if like you you can use it straight away it does prevent any waste.

    1. It really does add up but it's really making me think about every ingredient I use so it's a useful exercise all round.

      Thanks for nipping in.