Friday, 22 November 2013


Is there a Meaning of Liff word to describe the amount of time you feel you have to spend in an art gallery so you don't feel a bit daft for not liking the exhibition? I found myself in a gallery watching a video of a crying woman trying to put her clothes back on the other night. I guess I can't say I didn't enjoy it but I don't know what was going on at all. 

There's a problem with the early evening economy isn't there? Things shut at 5 or 5.30, evening stuff starts at 7.30. Other than the cinema, eating or drinking there's not a lot to do when you're out and about. It's the end of the free stuff.

It's been a big week for me. Not so much in the things that I've done, for most people it would have been a normal week. In my brain things are becoming clearer about how I want to shape my future. Things that have helped clarify things for me this week - 

1. Being bothered enough about something to get to Manchester by car.
2. Seeing my favourite band for the first and probably only time.
3. Working at the charity shop.
4. Dealing with people.
5. Going to the hair salon (I believe that's what hairdressers shops are called these days).

Some aspects of this week have been very very very splendid and some have displeased me. But even the displeasure has lead to good things. It's made me want to pile money into the freedom fund, it's made me very happy with my life and friends and it's given me lots of ideas for things to create. Not quite sure how the last thing happened but there you go. All that to say what was the current quilt is almost certainly about to become the next quilt and what was going to become the next quilt will be the current one. Phew, that made things clearer.


  1. It sounds like you've had an interesting week. I like the feeling you get when things you've been mulling over start to slot into place and make you feel happier with your life. Sometimes things can happen that make us feel grateful for what we have in life and that actually our lives are pretty good and just need a minor tweek here and there.

  2. All sorted then!
    Love from Mum

    1. Ha! In theory. I might not be so chipper when the sun's not out!