Monday, 4 November 2013

RLWC 2013 Week One

This will not be the most clearly written post of the year, I am a sleepy girl.

The Rugby League World Cup is going very well. so far Dan and I have been to East Hull for PNG v France, a very close affair but with a great atmosphere and only the slightest hint of a gale. Rochdale for Fiji v Ireland which was fantastic with lots of Fijian support plus I became very fond of Fiji prop Ashton Sims. What a lovely fella, even though it was pretty cold and chucking it down with rain he took time to have his picture taken with people and had kind words for all the children who came over to him. Then it was a bit of  a break until Huddersfield on Saturday for England v Ireland, comfortable win for England. Yesterday we wandered up to Workington for Scotland v Italy. 

Workington was great, a great atmosphere and it looked like the area had done a lot to get involved with the tournament, before the game a float went round the ground (Derwent Park also hosts speedway) and on the float were children who had completed the TRY reading campaign. That was great fun. I am slowly perfecting the viral dance, much to Dan's horror and I'm ready should I need to perform it live in any ground at any time. 

We're having a day off today, well we say that, we are toying with the idea of heading off to Hull again, but as we've already driven over 800 miles we might save the petrol! We have two more games this week to look forward to and Thursday night should be a corker. Despite everything Scotland and USA are both unbeaten after two matches. To say USA are minnows in the sport would be not be unfair so to see them notch up two wins is amazing. I'm really looking forward to seeing them. Scotland have been entertaining and impressive in both games so far, beating Tonga and drawing yesterday against Italy. 

Money is seeping out of the wallet though but as Dan has pointed out we can work on the grocery budget this month then the main budget next month when this madness is all over! 

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