Friday, 1 November 2013

November Shopping, Round 1.

After months of nagging Dan we finally went to Salts Mill yesterday. It was, as everyone else already knows, great. I could have spent a fortune, especially when I saw the Moomin things but I didn't. We bought a cup of coffee and shared a brownie but that was the extent of the merrymaking. We both loved the Cloth and Memory exhibition on the top floor and it was nice to watch all he bloggy types taking photos of bits of the floor, the walls and details of the chimney through the skylights. It's funny how we're all more the same than we are different even when we're out there showing off our individuality.

We also had to leg it out of one of the exhibitions as the doors were being locked and no-one had told us! We were in a little room and obviously no-one checked to see if we were there. It was only when the lights went out we thought we better make a dash for it. We ran past a very confused looking man with a big set of keys and legged it down the stairs to the safety of the room with all the Moomins. 

Anyway. We went shopping today. I grabbed the deals I was after £6 for 6 boxes of cereal, 4 cartons of passata 46p each, some baked beans were on offer and some of the normal tinned beans were a few pence cheaper too. We also got some reduced cauldron sausages, some cheap bagels and as we didn't cook anything for tea last night the ingredients for tea tomorrow have been knocked on the head as we'll be eating leftovers when we get home from Huddersfield. 

So far we've spent £35.13/£90 which leaves fifty odd quid for the rest of the month but all we need to buy is fresh stuff, the pantry is packed. 

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