Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Grocery Budget Update

I've now spent £64.81/£90. 

That was mainly because we bought a few things for the festive season from a shop we don't go to all that often. That's socked away in the freezer and is dealt with. Dan decided he really really wanted some Yorkshire puddings so we bought some. We don't really eat eggs so it was easier to buy some ready made things than to deal with a box of eggs and Yorkshire pudding making trauma.

Despite my apparent inability to stop going to the supermarket I still feel confident we're going to come in under budget. We may need some bunny veg and milk before the end of the week but that will be all, feeling good about it. 

Not spending the money on food has allowed me to get something to cover our living room windows. The windows are floor to ceiling and form the back wall of the house. I can almost picture the cash seeping out of them when it's cold. We have curtains which I lined last year but as an extra thing I've ordered some voiles and rods to hang them from. I don't want to do the bubblewrap thing and enjoy the amount of light we have coming into the living room so didn't want to add another set of thicker curtains so the voiles should be the best extra layer/allow light in/look not-too-bad option. We shall see.

Which reminds me. For reasons to do with the shape of the porch we can't have a proper door curtain. Well, we did for a bit but Dan (rightly) thought it looked depressing from outside so we removed it. We now have a curtain (sheet) covering the door from the porch to the dining area. It still looks far more "sheet" than "curtain" but the addition of some weird and wonderful felt stripes is adding a certain something. It is doing the job too, which when it comes down to it is all that matters. 


  1. I find the Christmas season is always a testing time for the grocery budget. I usually start stocking up in November on toilet rolls, washing up liquid etc so I don't have to wait in those endless queues in December. Trying to preserve the heat is yet another challenge but sounds like you have found a way to help keep some heat in. My granny used to have one of those thick Chenille type door curtains and lots of padded draught excluders.

    1. Great idea to buy the practical stuff before the December madness starts. If I can stick to the edge of the supermarket for the whole month then it seems far easier!

      My parents have one of those old fashioned door curtains, Our house is a bit odd so we can't have poles and stuff so it's all a bit Heath Robinson. I hope the voiles work, I'm sure they will do a little bit at least. I made some sausage draught excluders last year but Big Grey Bunny has been known to attack them so they don't get as much use as they should!