Wednesday, 20 November 2013

December Menu Plan

It's not that different to the usual really. I don't know if I've mentioned breakfast and lunch before. We have pretty much the same thing every day. Dan has cereal, I have a bagel or similar. For lunch we have houmous virtually every day with olives, tapenade, beetroot, carrot, salad or whatever to stop it being quite so beige. Occasionally I'll have leftovers or make some soup instead but that's about that.

On this plan the very simple meals are generally following a night out, when we have a nothingy day planned or something like that. There's no point planning for something exciting when I know it's just not going to happen. Anyway, we'll be having enough big meals around Christmas to make the simple things more than welcome. 

1. jacket potatoes with baked beans *yum*
2. singapore noodles
3. lentil and garlic stew w. chilli bread
4. chestnut pie
5. orzotto
6. out
7. out (but I must make pasties to take with us)

8. pasta bake
9. enchiladas
10 spicy rice with wraps (aka leftovers)
11 goulash
12 thai green curry
13 out
14 out (we think)

15 winter warmer cobbler
16 pilaf
17 lentil bol
18 mustardy butterbean and lentil stew
19 chickpeas with rosemary
20 curry w. baked onion bhajis
21 pizza

22 falafel toasties 
23 thai green curry
24 out
25 nut roast and all that
26 out
27 soup and sandwich
28 stirfry/ leftovers

29 thanksgiving pot pie
30 roast veg pasta
31 mixed bean chilli 

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