Tuesday, 19 November 2013


The £90 month is not going to happen. We went a little bonkers last week and filled the trolley with stuff and spent £22.98. We're not over yet but we are very close at £87.79 with a week to go. we'll be going shopping on Saturday or Sunday so that is still a full week of shopping, it's going to cost more than two and a bit quid. 

Having said that, I think with what we have in as we speak I could make all the evening meals we need, it's just milks, bunny veg and sandwich stuff, Dan has already stuffed the freezer full of bread. I think we'll be £10 over. Oh no, hang on, maybe less than a tenner, when I was tidying yesterday I found £2.30 and it wasn't all in change, there were two £1 coins. How did they slip the net?

If we spend £100 plus the bonus £2.30 that's still £90 less than usual. Ok, it has been a bit of a bonkers month and we've bought many many chocolate bars out of the general budget but even so it's what we wanted to try. I feel confident we could try it again in December. There are at least 5 days where someone else will be doing the cooking, the pantry is well stocked (other than dried chilli flakes as there was an incident last week). We don't need lots of extra food for the festive period. You know what, I'm going to do it, £90 December. Menu plan tomorrow. 


  1. I think you've done incredibly well to come in so close. Wish I could keep our food budget so low.

    1. Thanks. It feels very strange to have spent so little. It has been an erratic month but even so we've had to buy food so it's been a real eye opener. I've quite enjoyed being extra choosy about what and how much we buy of something.