Tuesday, 19 November 2013

And That's Why We Left

I had my taster session with the charity today. As I was in the shop all afternoon it was a little teeny bit boring but everyone was very pleasant and the customers were lovely. Then I met the "superstar", she is from a place Dan and I used to live. One of the many reasons we left was people like her. 

Luckily I was on my best behaviour so I smiled and nodded instead of responding in the way I would have liked...

Why be rude? What benefit does that bring to someone's world? Thankfully I'm not easily upset so being told I sound boring made me laugh rather than cry. Maybe I am boring but at least I'm not a nasty gossipy rude snob*.

*actually I might be some of those things when provoked.


  1. Sometimes it's hard to get away from negative people. There's nothing more boring than someone who thinks everyone and everything else is.

    1. I agree.

      She seemed to equate being interesting with having a career or being a parent. Odd.