Thursday, 10 October 2013

To Make You Feel Better

I don't know if anyone reads blogs thinking that the authors never appear to drop a pie on the floor, lock themselves out or fail at anything. I do all of those things quite a lot of the time.

Despite feeling not too well this week I've had to do the spring clean due to Em's visit and the need to spring clean. It was all going so well, I was reaching jaunty mini welly lady status until yesterday. The heavy cleaning was virtually done so I was on to primping.

We had some ants in the house earlier this year and for some reason this lead to us removing one of the kickboards from the kitchen. It has never been right since. The kickboard was wonky and the hideous lino had a bump in it. I had plenty of time and some energy to remedy it. Or so I thought. By the time Dan got home things were not in a good way.

I quickly discovered that Dan was right (not that it's a rare thing here) it was difficult to put back. I admit during proceedings I got more than a bit cross. I hit the board with a hammer to coax it back into place. Do you think that worked? You would be correct, it disintegrated. So, I shoved the hammer into my junk drawer thinking it would be better to tell Dan that I kicked it than tell him I stupidly hit it with a hammer. I then thought the junk drawer was a bit full so I should remove it before something happened and the drawer got stuck. Can you guess what happened next?

So now I have a broken kickboard, a stucker than stuck junk drawer, no hammer and no Sharpie. That's before I get onto my other good idea involving the cutlery drawer and some sticky pads.

Em's arriving this afternoon so I'll love you and leave you for a week or so. Have a nice time! 


  1. Enjoy the visit. See you anon.
    Love from Mum

    1. Thanks Mum, I've hidden away to nip in and see how everyone's doing today. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone!