Friday, 4 October 2013

The Small Things In Life

I promise nothing about Rugby League today. 

A piece of interesting news popped into my ears first thing this morning. Cuadrilla, the shale gas extraction (fracking) people have decided to not ask for consent to frack the site closest to my house and it will be returned to the state it was before. The reason given was that they were constrained by the rules concerning overwintering birds in the area. There are still a number of potential sites in this area and it remains to be seen what will happen, the Prime Minister certainly seems keen to turn the area into the "fracking capital of Britain" which sounds very grand. 

Today I am being a bit of an old lady as were supposed to be going to a gig this evening but the venue has been changed from a not-as-great-as-everyone-says but decent pub with lovely fruity beer to a city centre nitespot. This does not please me in the slightest. The thought of Friday night in a town centre makes me want to stay in my armchair, have a snooze and save all the faff. I know we're going to end up going because we've bought the tickets but it just seems like it's going to be one of those times where you throw good money after bad in the hope of "making the most of things". I swear if someone throws beer on me I will not be happy.


  1. I hate that word 'fracking' it makes me shudder! I heard a whole program about it on Radio 4 recently and actually felt I understood it more and the risks that go with it but I am not sure it is something that we should be doing just to give us cheaper gas.
    I hope you enjoyed your night out and it turned out better than expected.

    1. You and me both, I get that sense of dread whenever I hear the word on the radio. I'm not convinced it will bring us cheaper gas either to be honest.