Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The First Spanner

Yesterday was very positive, thinking about savings and all that stuff then the postman came. There were two identical letters, one for me and one for Dan. My letter informed me that I can no longer use the Direct Debit scheme to pay for my season ticket thanks to some selfish people who took advantage of it and cancelled the DD when the ticket arrived or otherwise didn't pay up, costing the club money. Unless I can pay for my ticket in full in the next little while I will have to either have no season ticket at all or I can subscribe to a new scheme. The new scheme is to have a line of credit and pay a third party each month. 

I'm a Dave Ramsey girl, there is no way I am going to sign up for a loan to pay to watch Widnes. It is just never in a million years going to happen. It's not that I don't have a good credit rating, it's not that I think the club are doing a bad thing - they have to do what they can to not be ripped off by so-called fans. But I am not borrowing money to attend a rugby game, we didn't borrow money to buy our car, why would we do it for this?

So now we have our first biggish decision. Do we try to scrape together the best part of £400 between us to pay for the tickets, do we consider the loan (not going to happen) or do we forego the tickets and pay as we go even though it will cost more? It's a dilemma. 

I know it's a lot of money, we got rid of our season tickets and didn't go to watch Widnes at all when we were paying our debts off. That was the last time we were in Super League. It wasn't the end of the world but I wouldn't choose to miss out again if I had the choice. 


  1. That's a real conundrum. Could you just not pay as you go and pick and choose your matches? I used to watch Rugby when I was a girl, when my Dad took me. I think he took me to Widnes a couple of times, we went on the bikes. My local team is Warrington Wolves.

    1. Thanks. I've been thinking about it and maybe we'll buy one ticket outright and then pay for the others on a pay as you go thing. I think the cost will balance out a bit better that way. We've only missed 4 home games in the past 6 seasons (I think) so we do get value from it (although I guess you could argue if we chose to support a better team we'd get better value!).

      Sounds like we're from pretty much the same neck of the woods :)

    2. Not that far off, what I'd do for your view though! My cousin lives at Lytham and her mum moved there a few years ago. Looks like you've had visitors the last few days too, although mine didn't stay, not a room that will fit a bed in.