Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Cost Of Being A Domestic Goddess

Flipping nora!

In order to have a weekend in making cakes and cooking soup with our guest I've had to buy multiple cake tins, spoons, all manner of exciting foodstuffs I didn't know existed and some kind of electric whisk. It has also meant ditching our regular shop and going to one of the big stores - one I usually avoid. Not just a normal one either an Extra I think it was. Inside there was a cobbler/key cutting place, a health food shop, brow bar, dry cleaner, mobile phone shop and a hair salon! It was like a whole new world. We'd been in there 10 minutes before I saw any food!

Yesterday we braved the Trafford Centre. A place I have been to many many times, I have no real issue with it. We were there for 8 hours. A full day. Wow. Towards the end I was waiting for Dan and Em and a man came over to me and said "You too, eh?" and I said "I've gone to my special place". He said "I'm just waiting for my wife to get hungry so I can go to the food court and have a sit down", "I know that feeling" I replied. He left to try to find an exit with the farewell of "Goodbye and good luck with it"! 

Today I have had a little while to myself. Dan has returned to work and Em is having a lie in. I've had chance to make a chestnut stew and listen to Grayson Perry on the radio. I love my normal life and can't wait to have it back. 


  1. I'm with you on that, isn't it great when you just love your normal life? Keep on blogging please, have a good day x

  2. Hi, thanks for nipping in. I never thought I'd see the day where I wanted to be doing my own washing up yet here I am! Have a great day.

  3. It is sometimes nice to visit but then nice to be home again. There is something very enthralling but disturbing about places like the Trafford centre. We occasionally go to visit the shops like John Lewis and Muji that we don't get in our local town. I just like to have a browse around but generally I am no shopper and couldn't last 8 hours - you deserve a medal!

    1. I like a browse there too but a full day is waaaay too much!