Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October Spending

I love the pigeon getting in on the act!

I'm going to attempt to keep more of a note on my spending. I went to the town today and bought lots of dull but necessary things like rabbit food, a brush, toothpaste and lentils. 

I took a different route into the town and ended up on a street I'd never walked on before and it was full of rather nice houses, there were lots of photo opportunities so I did some snapping away too. I didn't take any pictures of the ducks because they were having a right to-do amongst themselves for some reason, I did take the above photo of the rose garden though. 

So far this month I have spent - 

£7.50 gifts for my niece (can't and don't want to resist)
£6.08 rabbit and bird food
£8.85 pantry stuff
£10.55 toiletries/medicine cabinet stuff
£0.50 treats
£1.98 household

which is £35.46 or thereabouts. Rather a lot for the morning of day one! Ah well.

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