Wednesday, 2 October 2013

October Spending 2

This has the potential to be boring. 

I probably don't have a great deal in common with David Cameron but I don't know how much a loaf of bread costs either. I'm having a "coolness amnesty" this week (after causing a stir by telling someone that not only have I never seen "Breaking Bad" but that I have no interest in the slightest in ever seeing it) but I don't know if not knowing the price of a loaf counts as part of that. 

I am very much enjoying the coolness amnesty. The people I thought would join in have and the people who I thought would be too cool for it have made their views known. It's very funny. We've had everything from people admitting to not liking wine, to having bought a jacket from Matalan to my own huuuuge list of all the things that shatter my image *removes tongue from cheek*.

After my solo wander featuring shopping trip yesterday morning we did our proper big shopping trip last night. Without a list, exciting. I'm still having some difficulty finding space to put everything away as we bought all the bulky stuff like toilet rolls, kitchen roll, a sack of spuds etc.

The household and cleaning stuff should last into the new year. I get around 50 washes from a thing of liquid and am only half way through a bottle but it was cheaper so I bought a spare. The cream cleaner lasts for ages so who knows when I'll need another. The 8 kitchen rolls will last for months, Dan uses it for cleaning worksurfaces and I only use it for wiping the bunny pen. We use one roll of toilet paper per week, there are 5 in the cupboard already so the 9 pack I bought on offer yesterday be enough for a while, by which time there will be something selling for a decent price again. I bought 4 tubes of toothpaste, half price, yesterday morning, they'll last until next year as we use one a month and we've just opened one.  

The milks and veg will be enough for a minimum of two weeks including the batch cooking for the freezer, the sack of spuds a lot longer than that. Breakfast cereals were on offer, any 3 for the price of 2 so three boxes will last for a couple of months I think. Thai curry paste was half price at 89p a tub, I freeze it in spoonfuls, we get 6 or 7 servings from each tub so the two tubs I bought will last into next year. I picked up enough lentils and beans to see us through this month. I imagine the treats won't see the end of the week though. 

£14.60 fruit & veg
£ 4.28 bread
£ 5.44 milks
£ 5.78 drinks
£17.43 pantry stuff
£13.06 household
£ 3.00 treats
£ 1.98 other food

Total £65.57

£101.03 running total for the month if I've added it up correctly. 

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