Friday, 25 October 2013

November Menu Plan

Now including lunch!

As we're out and about at World Cup games in November I'm having to jiggle stuff about and include lunch as some games are far away, some are in the afternoon, some are in the evening so it has the potential to be meal chaos. Maybe not chaos but the temptation to buy a pie or some snack while we're out looms large. 

I've had to redo the plan for the last couple of days of this month too as there's stuff loitering about from Em's visit and the finances are in a sorry state. 

25 roast veg pasta (freezer)
26 curry (fr)

27 fry up brunch/ falafel sandwiches hull
28 chilli (fr) rochdale
29 nut roast (fr)
30 roast veg risotto (fr)
31 shepherdess pie
1.  l/o shepherdess pie
2. beans on toast/ falafel sandwich & maybe soup huddersfield (and maybe st helens at 8pm)

3. brunch toastie/ houmous sandwiches & pie workington
4. quorn & roast veg pasta (fr)
5. nut roast (fr) leigh
6. jambalaya (fr) 
this is where I run out of food from the freezer  
7. tacos salford
8. bean burgers
9. soup/ pizza (not going to a game but there are two on telly)

10 fry up brunch/ soup halifax
11 berbere
12 pasta
13 mushrooms in pepper sauce
14 mustardy leek and butterbean crumble
15 thai curry w. noodles
16 probably enchiladas wigan (and maybe wrexham in which case we won't have enchiladas I'll make more soup to take with us as the games are 2.30 and 8)

17 jambalaya (l/o enchilada filling)
18 bean stew
19 stirfry
20 thanksgiving pot pie (double batch)
21 bol
22 chickpea and potato curry
23 bean burgers

24 pasta bake
25 lentil grills w. plaki
26 orzotto
27 shepherdess pie
28 l/o
29 curry
30 breakfast toasties/ out old trafford

I might make some pasties for the day we go to Old Trafford but we're going on the train, kick off is at 2.30 so there won't be much time for faffing before we leave. It takes yonks to get to Manchester from here on public transport. Plus I think the Christmas Market is on then so we might treat ourselves to a few bits and bobs on the way home. When I say "bits and bobs" I'm sure you know I mean "coffee with brandy".

My laptop has now passed away, it alerted me to the idea I may need a new battery then went to sleep. I guess posts will be short until a new battery appears or something. 


  1. Coffee with brandy? Do you not mean Gluehwine mit Pfankuchen? We used to go to the Christmas market years ago, not been for ages, just reminded me.
    You are organised with your menus, is it because you've had a visitor? My organisation for inlaws popping in on way back from visit all 3 dear sons on mainland consisted of buying lots of stuff, making basic for shepherds pie and casserole, neither of which I eat, and as I gave them sausage and mash with mushrooms, eggs and tomatoes, having Linda McCartney sausages myself, I'm not sure if husband will like being fed four portions shepherds pie, followed not too closely by casserole, in consequtive days, I will try to split it whilst frozen!

    Last night fed husband what I thought might resemble closely Little Homity Pies, and he said whilst eating, "what's actually in this pie apart from potato"? I told him liberal quantity of cheese which there was. I was guided to this choice as I'd picked up a Butter Pie on offer from Spa, which I fancied myself which had no cheese in.

    Must say I like the sound of your menus, I never get to have actual veggie menus, maybe I should start looking, where do you get yours from?

  2. Hi,

    I always do a plan because I find it easier than not having one. The last thing I need is too much choice!

    I'm very lucky in that Dan is very relaxed about what we eat so wouldn't bother about eating the same thing. We always have shepherdess pie on consecutive days as it tastes so nice the second day.

    Ideas for the plan come from all over. When we first gave up meat I just swapped mince for lentils and mushrooms or beans for chicken, it was the least scary way to swap. As I don't eat cheese I generally look at meat-based dishes to adapt rather than veggie ideas. If I have a new spice blend (love Seasoned Pioneers) or veg I need to use I just search online for ideas until something sounds interesting. Supermarket freebie magazines, student cookbooks and things like that are well used too. I'm not a great cook so simple recipes from these places are great for me.

    I do try to spread the starches though so we'll maybe have spuds twice or three times a week but I'll stick a rice, pasta ir noodles dish in between to stop things seeming too samey.