Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Bad Boyfriend Is A Dream Come True

This is 99% about sport, 1% about my dreams and wishes. 

In 2004 we went to the Tri-Nations final at Elland Road, Leeds. While waiting to use the facilities I got a right load of old stick from a group of St Helens and Leeds fans for supporting Widnes - why was I there, what was the point of supporting Widnes etc and as I soaked it all up I thought to myself that I would love nothing more than to see a single solitary Widnes player represent the national team (it was Great Britain at the times whereas now it's England, Wales and Scotland).

Not-very-fast-forward to this year and here he is Gareth Hock, Widnes Vikings, Wigan St Judes. It's a bit of a hollow win as he was never really ours, he was only on loan from Wigan Warriors and I fell out with him but it doesn't change the facts. Lloyd White is in the Wales squad and Ben Kavanagh features for Scotland who also have one of my favourite ex-Widnes players, John Duffy, on their coaching staff.

I'm not saying I support England for these purposes (I mean, who doesn't love Papua New Guinea? The only country to have Rugby League as the national sport and the language of Tok Pisin). But it is exciting to see Widnes have some representation in the end of season tournament. Even if it is the heartbreaker. 

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