Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lights, Kirkham, October Spending

It's a West Lancs thing apparently.

It's a bit like "lights, camera, action" only more market town based.

Something's wrong with the light in the toilet cubicle room thing. Normally it wouldn't be an issue but with Em arriving on Thursday it would be nice for her to be able to see if she needs to visit during the night. Two of the three bulbs in the big lamp have gone and of course they're special fittings - what was I thinking? The shower gel handwash solution took a turn for the worse when the dispenser sprang a leak and Dan needed shampoo. 

Kirkham is great, it's a small town on the Fylde and despite the fact it doesn't have the jaunty look of Lytham or the cuteness of Poulton (do I mean Poulton?) don't be fooled, there are some wonderful shops. Not one but two hardware shops, a health food shop, plenty of cafes, a deli/cheese/local produce shop, small but perfectly formed fruit and veg shop and of course Silverdell bookshop. Last time we were in there it was someone's birthday so we became involved in singing, gift unwrapping and all manner of other hilarity. We didn't venture in today though we went to Escape, very nice indeed. Oh and there's a prison and Fox's biscuits factory to add to the array of stuff.

Everyone is so helpful and friendly! I was complimented on my coat by the lady in hardware shop one, we had a chat about sandwiches in the fruit and veg shop with the owner and the lady from the cafe who'd nipped in to take the order. We had a right good time in the cheese shop talking about bread, cakes, working on a Saturday and living for the moment. It's not a place to rush, which is fine as parking is free! 

£ 8.52 fruit & veg
£11.97 lightbulbs
£ 1.00 push light
£11.97 toiletries
£ 2.97 other food
£ 1.80 bread
£ 1.09 treats

Total £39.32

Running total £140.35 or thereabouts.

So the plan for tomorrow and Monday is a batch cook. Chestnut and mushroom stew, lentil bol, leek and butterbean crumble, roast veg, shepherdess pie and a tagine thing. Added to the chilli and curry I already have in the freezer it means a slightly rejigged end of the month/start of November menu plan but shopping will be restricted to milks, lunch stuff and bunny greens. 

Now to hide my purse!

Before I forget, we had a right old night of it last night, people making noise until, I am informed 12.30 am. I have to confess it was noisy. Dan was called over by two neighbours to talk about it. Someone fell into a bush - the bush still bears the indentation, the police were called, music and shouting had to be put an end to. It was a party out of hand you see. Can you tell not much happens in our street?


  1. Oh, I'm so envious that you live near the sea. I would love to move somewhere either in country or sea but I think the sea would win. Sadly I probably will never do either. I can't grumble as I have once upon another lifetime lived in the Peak District 1000 ft up, in a small farmhouse but life is totally different now and that is a whole lifetime ago.
    My cousin and her mum live in Lytham. They think they are very posh, although WE all know where they came from, a not particularly nice area, although themselves are nice people. Somehow people want to forget all that.
    I would like to pretend I am back in my stone long house but not with the person I shared it with!

    1. Ha! Yes, there are some posh folk and some people who think they're posh just because of their postcode!

      Your old place in the Peak District sounds like an amazing place to daydream about.