I know I must be busy and have really important things to do when I set off to make a cup of coffee and ended up cleaning the front of the house. Yes, today I was one of those jaunty ladies I see when I go for a walk who are always up a step ladder wearing floral mini wellies and a pinny doing stuff

I do not have floral mini wellies and was not wearing a pinny but I did get to do the jaunty lady thing of saying hello to folk walking their dogs and share japes of "you can do mine next" with neighbours I've never spoken to before.

That is a fun way to spend a Tuesday morning. Long live lemon cream cleaner!


  1. Hm, I've got to do a bit of that as MiL is visiting next week. Not staying but eating meals and being entertained! I had better clean up a bit, but need to do not too early and not too last minute, so it will still be clean(ish) when she comes

    1. I know what you mean. I have given the house a spring clean but wanted to do it so it doesn't look like I had to chuck bleach everywhere because I only clean when I have visitors!

      It's been a good motivator to take a look at areas of the house that get overlooked so in that sense it's been a little bonus, as well as looking forward to a visitor.


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