Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ditching Salad

Ditching salad was one of the first small ways we came up with to save money. So money saving and a way to not have to eat salad, wonderful! For sandwiches from now on I'll be having a bit of grated carrot and some beetroot and Dan will be having beetroot or olives. 

I'll be extra vigilant about weighing food and portion control. The freezer will be extra important and the shopping list is a thing that must be obeyed. the shopping routine and menu plan will be more regulated, shopping day will return to being an unplanned "use up whatever's left" day, whether that's eating everything or cooking stuff for the freezer. 

We received a letter telling us that the cost of our electricity will be going down, very slightly, but going down nonetheless and there's a price freeze until the new year. Bonus time!

The change jar is back in situ and I have already found a few coins to stick into it. Our small change will be going into various collection buckets when we attend games at the Rugby League World Cup (starts Saturday *yay*).

Any money I receive as a gift will be my treat cash. We toyed with the idea of having some spending money each, maybe we will as the yea progresses but at the minute I think I'm going to use this old approach. 

The house will be more of a focus, gardening may well be outdoor housework but it's not too bad and we can at least spend time drinking tea and making the most of this space we're paying for - it's not as though it doesn't reap rewards at the end of it all. 

Walking for fun. A walk on the beach is always fun and every time we do it we ask ourselves why we don't do it more often. So we will. There are plenty of other walking spots not too far away so we'll take advantage of them too. And we'll get value from the flasks.

Small, small, tiny things. We thrashed it out and have a figure in mind that we can save next year. Naturally I have in my mind that I want to smash that so we shall see. I may even buy wrapping paper in the sales, although the last couple of gifts we've bought we didn't even wrap, they came in a nice box or bag so we thought that was enough. 


  1. Hope everything goes to plan with your new regime.
    Love from Mum

  2. Good luck with the budget and savings.

  3. Thanks, need to just keep an eye on my discipline!