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A crazy bird and Rufus the Robin
I'd heard about the power of "the old school tie" and yesterday I experienced it for myself. We were packing up to go to Hull for our first RLWC 2013 game when I had the bright idea that wearing my old university college scarf would fit perfectly for watching Papua New Guinea. It did and it attracted plenty of attention!

When we arrived we nipped off to take some photos of the ground as we hadn't been there for a while and Hull KR had been busy building. A man called me over and it turned out he was from BBC Hull. We chatted for a bit then another bloke came over with a tv camera. It took several takes but finally the light and microphone worked (it was very windy), I think I'd been in good flow during the first few takes but then the reporter asked me a totally different question! The final take was not my finest moment as I was a bit flustered to say the least. Still, it was fun and if it's only shown in Hull I'll never see it!

Luckily for us our tickets were in the same stand as the PNG fans and it added another layer of fun to proceedings and got me into full world Cup mode. Sadly PNG snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and France nicked it 9-8. We didn't get to see any of the Kumuls at the end of the game but France did a lap to thank the fans so I was pitchside with Remy Casty, one of my favourite players. Another plus!

I almost wish we'd been in Warrington for the New Zealand v Samoa game, the atmosphere sounded amazing and I hope we experience something similar tonight when we're at Spotland for Fiji v Ireland. for anyone who doesn't know Rochdale has links with Fiji, thanks to rugby League, going back many years so it could be like a home game for them tonight. Excited!


  1. Fame at last!! Don't let it go to your head. Not to sure about the chap you picked up. Seems a bit of a poser to me.
    Love from Mum


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