Wednesday, 30 October 2013

£90 November

£90 is the grocery budget for November, I really wanted it to be £80 but there was no chance without totally redoing the menu plan and I couldn't face that! I addition to the groceries I will be spending £32 on two bags of hay and £25 on my hair cut. After all that if I stick to budget I'll be able to save around £83 from the usual budget. Better than a kick in the face.

Doing my sums it leaps out that the biggest expense by a long way is milk. I have cow milk Dan has almond, so we spend almost £20 a month on just that. Yikes. Next biggest expenses are greens for the buns, bread and sandwich fillings, each coming in at around £9 - £10 a month.

We need to buy a few storecupboard items, we only have a couple of tins of beans in and we need oil. There's not much household stuff to buy other than bin bags which is a bonus and I know that the cereal and passata we buy is half price until the start of next week so I'll stock up on that too. 

We're working through all the stuff that was stashed in the freezer so we have enough veg frozen to keep us going until 6th November and even then there will still be some fresh frozen swede, chillies, celeriac and runner beans alongside the traditional frozen peas. We have some bread flour and yeast so I will be attempting to make pizza bases and maybe even some buns or something. Making bread is not my favourite job but it's not something I dread either. Besides, I've not done it for a while so I may discover some new found love for it once I get going.

Is frugality like riding a bike?


  1. Good luck with the £90 - think I may just have spent that in one visit this week but didn't do a supermarket shop last week so we were running low on somethings.

    1. Thanks. We did our stock up today and although that cost £35 I still feel pretty confident. We'll see how it goes.