Thursday, 3 October 2013

2018 Is The Next Great Year

1996 was a great year for me. I turned 21, I passed my A- Levels, I was young, free and single and had a great bunch of friends around me. We had a totally free summer with nothing to do other than wait for our exam results and enjoy Euro '96.

2007 was a great year for me. We became debt free, I hit my weight loss goal, we were zipping around in a brand new lease car which cost us a mere £20 a month, we were overpaying on the mortgage, socking a ton of cash away for our next car and we had money to spend for the first time in years. We had the best pet ever, the house was coming together, work was going well for Dan and I finally had the house in order. It was almost the perfect year. 

We went to virtually every Widnes game that year. We ploughed up and down the M62 to get to Bately, Dewsbury, Castleford, Doncaster and up and down to Whitehaven, Leigh and Rochdale. It was the best, singing, stuffing our faces with pies and swilling rubbish beer, singing songs, making friends and in the main winning. We won the Northern Rail Cup with a comprehensive win against Whitehaven at Bloomfield Road in Blackpool - little did I know that a short three years later Bloomfield Road would be our local football ground. We finished second in the league but I just can't bring myself to talk about what happened at Headingley in the play off final against Castleford and the nightmare of administration and nearly going out of business that followed. 

All that to say all the memories from 2007 came back today when I saw the Ireland squad for the World Cup. A massive congratulations to current Widnes players Dave Allen and Eamon O'Carroll. Honourable mentions to members of that fantastic 2007 team Bob Beswick, Damien Blanch and Scott Grix. Former Vikings Simon Finnigan, Kurt Haggerty and Anthony Mullally also make the squad. I missed it out the other day but Oliver Wilkes made the Scotland squad, well done Olly, 2007 wouldn't have been the same without you. 

Extra bonus good news, Joe Mellor has signed an extended contract with Widnes to keep him with us until 2016. Phew, I'll call that an early Christmas present. 

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