Wednesday, 30 October 2013

£90 November

£90 is the grocery budget for November, I really wanted it to be £80 but there was no chance without totally redoing the menu plan and I couldn't face that! I addition to the groceries I will be spending £32 on two bags of hay and £25 on my hair cut. After all that if I stick to budget I'll be able to save around £83 from the usual budget. Better than a kick in the face.

Doing my sums it leaps out that the biggest expense by a long way is milk. I have cow milk Dan has almond, so we spend almost £20 a month on just that. Yikes. Next biggest expenses are greens for the buns, bread and sandwich fillings, each coming in at around £9 - £10 a month.

We need to buy a few storecupboard items, we only have a couple of tins of beans in and we need oil. There's not much household stuff to buy other than bin bags which is a bonus and I know that the cereal and passata we buy is half price until the start of next week so I'll stock up on that too. 

We're working through all the stuff that was stashed in the freezer so we have enough veg frozen to keep us going until 6th November and even then there will still be some fresh frozen swede, chillies, celeriac and runner beans alongside the traditional frozen peas. We have some bread flour and yeast so I will be attempting to make pizza bases and maybe even some buns or something. Making bread is not my favourite job but it's not something I dread either. Besides, I've not done it for a while so I may discover some new found love for it once I get going.

Is frugality like riding a bike?

Monday, 28 October 2013

As Seen On TV

A crazy bird and Rufus the Robin
I'd heard about the power of "the old school tie" and yesterday I experienced it for myself. We were packing up to go to Hull for our first RLWC 2013 game when I had the bright idea that wearing my old university college scarf would fit perfectly for watching Papua New Guinea. It did and it attracted plenty of attention!

When we arrived we nipped off to take some photos of the ground as we hadn't been there for a while and Hull KR had been busy building. A man called me over and it turned out he was from BBC Hull. We chatted for a bit then another bloke came over with a tv camera. It took several takes but finally the light and microphone worked (it was very windy), I think I'd been in good flow during the first few takes but then the reporter asked me a totally different question! The final take was not my finest moment as I was a bit flustered to say the least. Still, it was fun and if it's only shown in Hull I'll never see it!

Luckily for us our tickets were in the same stand as the PNG fans and it added another layer of fun to proceedings and got me into full world Cup mode. Sadly PNG snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and France nicked it 9-8. We didn't get to see any of the Kumuls at the end of the game but France did a lap to thank the fans so I was pitchside with Remy Casty, one of my favourite players. Another plus!

I almost wish we'd been in Warrington for the New Zealand v Samoa game, the atmosphere sounded amazing and I hope we experience something similar tonight when we're at Spotland for Fiji v Ireland. for anyone who doesn't know Rochdale has links with Fiji, thanks to rugby League, going back many years so it could be like a home game for them tonight. Excited!

Friday, 25 October 2013

November Menu Plan

Now including lunch!

As we're out and about at World Cup games in November I'm having to jiggle stuff about and include lunch as some games are far away, some are in the afternoon, some are in the evening so it has the potential to be meal chaos. Maybe not chaos but the temptation to buy a pie or some snack while we're out looms large. 

I've had to redo the plan for the last couple of days of this month too as there's stuff loitering about from Em's visit and the finances are in a sorry state. 

25 roast veg pasta (freezer)
26 curry (fr)

27 fry up brunch/ falafel sandwiches hull
28 chilli (fr) rochdale
29 nut roast (fr)
30 roast veg risotto (fr)
31 shepherdess pie
1.  l/o shepherdess pie
2. beans on toast/ falafel sandwich & maybe soup huddersfield (and maybe st helens at 8pm)

3. brunch toastie/ houmous sandwiches & pie workington
4. quorn & roast veg pasta (fr)
5. nut roast (fr) leigh
6. jambalaya (fr) 
this is where I run out of food from the freezer  
7. tacos salford
8. bean burgers
9. soup/ pizza (not going to a game but there are two on telly)

10 fry up brunch/ soup halifax
11 berbere
12 pasta
13 mushrooms in pepper sauce
14 mustardy leek and butterbean crumble
15 thai curry w. noodles
16 probably enchiladas wigan (and maybe wrexham in which case we won't have enchiladas I'll make more soup to take with us as the games are 2.30 and 8)

17 jambalaya (l/o enchilada filling)
18 bean stew
19 stirfry
20 thanksgiving pot pie (double batch)
21 bol
22 chickpea and potato curry
23 bean burgers

24 pasta bake
25 lentil grills w. plaki
26 orzotto
27 shepherdess pie
28 l/o
29 curry
30 breakfast toasties/ out old trafford

I might make some pasties for the day we go to Old Trafford but we're going on the train, kick off is at 2.30 so there won't be much time for faffing before we leave. It takes yonks to get to Manchester from here on public transport. Plus I think the Christmas Market is on then so we might treat ourselves to a few bits and bobs on the way home. When I say "bits and bobs" I'm sure you know I mean "coffee with brandy".

My laptop has now passed away, it alerted me to the idea I may need a new battery then went to sleep. I guess posts will be short until a new battery appears or something. 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Keep It Coming

It would appear we started to get serious at the right time. Dan found out about the new budget for the next year and should he avoid the swinging axe there will be no pay increases (obviously, used to that one by now), no pay increment and a freeze on that for two years (not surprised again but two years is a bit depressing) and another unpaid day off (ouch).

So in real terms he's getting a pay cut. A full working week with no pay is where we find ourselves. It's better than the alternative but it's not fun. 

I think the most difficult part of all this emergency fund bolstering is going to be keeping spirits up. When we were paying off debts then saving up for a car it was ok, there was always a light at the end of the tunnel. Not so here. I fear big changes are coming and how to pay to watch Widnes will be the last thing on my mind. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The First Spanner

Yesterday was very positive, thinking about savings and all that stuff then the postman came. There were two identical letters, one for me and one for Dan. My letter informed me that I can no longer use the Direct Debit scheme to pay for my season ticket thanks to some selfish people who took advantage of it and cancelled the DD when the ticket arrived or otherwise didn't pay up, costing the club money. Unless I can pay for my ticket in full in the next little while I will have to either have no season ticket at all or I can subscribe to a new scheme. The new scheme is to have a line of credit and pay a third party each month. 

I'm a Dave Ramsey girl, there is no way I am going to sign up for a loan to pay to watch Widnes. It is just never in a million years going to happen. It's not that I don't have a good credit rating, it's not that I think the club are doing a bad thing - they have to do what they can to not be ripped off by so-called fans. But I am not borrowing money to attend a rugby game, we didn't borrow money to buy our car, why would we do it for this?

So now we have our first biggish decision. Do we try to scrape together the best part of £400 between us to pay for the tickets, do we consider the loan (not going to happen) or do we forego the tickets and pay as we go even though it will cost more? It's a dilemma. 

I know it's a lot of money, we got rid of our season tickets and didn't go to watch Widnes at all when we were paying our debts off. That was the last time we were in Super League. It wasn't the end of the world but I wouldn't choose to miss out again if I had the choice. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Boy's No Good

Have you ever had a romance that ended badly and then got worse? I know I keep promising not to talk about him but once again My Bad Boyfriend feels the need to hurt me and refuse to give me my stuff back.

Dumping me and sodding off with a beautiful beach babe I could have coped with but no, he dumped me for the charmless lump who lives next to the sewage works. Then he did a good thing by making my dream come true. Now he's even taken that away by getting himself kicked out of the England squad four flipping days before the tournament starts.

You, sir are a cad, a bounder and I don't know why I ever gave you another chance. My mother warned me about people like you.

If I ever mention him again please take me out, ply me with sherry and show me pictures of ferrets, or give me a shake. Either is fine.

Ditching Salad

Ditching salad was one of the first small ways we came up with to save money. So money saving and a way to not have to eat salad, wonderful! For sandwiches from now on I'll be having a bit of grated carrot and some beetroot and Dan will be having beetroot or olives. 

I'll be extra vigilant about weighing food and portion control. The freezer will be extra important and the shopping list is a thing that must be obeyed. the shopping routine and menu plan will be more regulated, shopping day will return to being an unplanned "use up whatever's left" day, whether that's eating everything or cooking stuff for the freezer. 

We received a letter telling us that the cost of our electricity will be going down, very slightly, but going down nonetheless and there's a price freeze until the new year. Bonus time!

The change jar is back in situ and I have already found a few coins to stick into it. Our small change will be going into various collection buckets when we attend games at the Rugby League World Cup (starts Saturday *yay*).

Any money I receive as a gift will be my treat cash. We toyed with the idea of having some spending money each, maybe we will as the yea progresses but at the minute I think I'm going to use this old approach. 

The house will be more of a focus, gardening may well be outdoor housework but it's not too bad and we can at least spend time drinking tea and making the most of this space we're paying for - it's not as though it doesn't reap rewards at the end of it all. 

Walking for fun. A walk on the beach is always fun and every time we do it we ask ourselves why we don't do it more often. So we will. There are plenty of other walking spots not too far away so we'll take advantage of them too. And we'll get value from the flasks.

Small, small, tiny things. We thrashed it out and have a figure in mind that we can save next year. Naturally I have in my mind that I want to smash that so we shall see. I may even buy wrapping paper in the sales, although the last couple of gifts we've bought we didn't even wrap, they came in a nice box or bag so we thought that was enough. 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Being Very Serious

I know I've said all of this before but you know when you feel the difference between just saying the words and understanding what they mean? That's what this is. 

We had a very serious conversation yesterday with MIL about the past and the future. You can't help but think about things when that happens. For the past 18 months we've been pretending to save money but we've been in a "life's too short" phase. That phase can't turn into a lifestyle so the real, proper, honest belt tightening and saving needs to start up again. There have been a few false dawns in this regard but I feel more than ready, I'm craving the challenge. 

To start with I'm knocking £50 a month off the grocery budget, looking at our spending habits it should be more than possible - cut down on waste, cut down on impulse purchases and go to the shop twice a week maximum (the second trip should really only be for greens). We've been going to the supermarket at least 4 times a week, it's utter madness. I have always loved grocery shopping but even I'm sick of the inside of the place. It seems like a good way to start the savings. 

We're bringing back the change jar. It was a success in the past but the last couple of times we've had one the cash has been used for work expenses, car parking and other stuff like that. So in a sense it's been useful but there's nothing to show for it at the end of the year. 

I'm finally starting to feel like normality is returning after Em's visit. It was great to have her here but there have been bonus effects, we really understand now how important being at home and living the way we do is to us. Having someone around who didn't want to go for a walk to the beach or take photographs and all that stuff made me realise how much I do love it and take it for granted. Having a peep into someone else's life really has made me appreciate my own as I said the other day. It's also made me see where we waste money and how quickly it can slip from my fingers. This new resolve has come from a strange place and I'm happy about that. 

More details when I've compiled a few lists!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Festive Feeling

Firstly the good news. After 8 days of being jammed shut I managed to open the junk drawer. I had reached the point where I was just going to leave it but then I remembered it's where I keep the emergency £20 grocery money. The motivation of cash was enough for me to give it another go, thankfully I'm quite small and have tiny hands so I could fit into the cupboard below and squeeze my hand into the back of the drawer. Even though the drawer is now empty I'm almost too afraid to close it. 

I'm not a huge Christmas person but I have a couple of days a year where I think it would be nice to make some decorations. Today was one of those days. A little while ago Dan mentioned that a wreath would look nice on the front door, as we live in a place where it would almost certainly not be nicked I agreed. On our travels today we found ourselves in a shop - I can hardly believe it as I still haven't recovered from the epic trip on Monday, we saw a ribbon wreath, very nice but at a cost of £25 there was no way I'd go for it. I know that somewhere around the house I have some ribbon, I certainly have lots of fabric scraps so I bought a hoop (sadly for me there were no polystyrene ones to make it easy) and some wire and I'm ready to go. 

Now I'm at home I have that uneasy feeling that although it should be simple and fun it may not end that way. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Celeriac Schnitzel

I don't generally post recipes here but this was so delicious I thought I would in case it had passed anyone else by (although I'm probably the last to have heard about it). We don't usually have eggs in the house but due to the huge amount of cake making that's been going on this week it's been a necessity. To use up the last couple Em made this for us yesterday -

1 celeriac, peeled and cut into thin slices
some plain flour
a couple of beaten eggs
some oil for shallow frying
seasoning of your choice

have a dish ready with each of the coatings - flour, egg, breadcrumbs. Flavour them with whatever herbs or spices you like, dip the celeriac in each dish in turn then fry until crispy and golden. Drain on some kitchen paper. 

Really really easy and yummy. I made some plaki to go with ours but Em tried out the recipe last week and served it with salad. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Cost Of Being A Domestic Goddess

Flipping nora!

In order to have a weekend in making cakes and cooking soup with our guest I've had to buy multiple cake tins, spoons, all manner of exciting foodstuffs I didn't know existed and some kind of electric whisk. It has also meant ditching our regular shop and going to one of the big stores - one I usually avoid. Not just a normal one either an Extra I think it was. Inside there was a cobbler/key cutting place, a health food shop, brow bar, dry cleaner, mobile phone shop and a hair salon! It was like a whole new world. We'd been in there 10 minutes before I saw any food!

Yesterday we braved the Trafford Centre. A place I have been to many many times, I have no real issue with it. We were there for 8 hours. A full day. Wow. Towards the end I was waiting for Dan and Em and a man came over to me and said "You too, eh?" and I said "I've gone to my special place". He said "I'm just waiting for my wife to get hungry so I can go to the food court and have a sit down", "I know that feeling" I replied. He left to try to find an exit with the farewell of "Goodbye and good luck with it"! 

Today I have had a little while to myself. Dan has returned to work and Em is having a lie in. I've had chance to make a chestnut stew and listen to Grayson Perry on the radio. I love my normal life and can't wait to have it back. 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

To Make You Feel Better

I don't know if anyone reads blogs thinking that the authors never appear to drop a pie on the floor, lock themselves out or fail at anything. I do all of those things quite a lot of the time.

Despite feeling not too well this week I've had to do the spring clean due to Em's visit and the need to spring clean. It was all going so well, I was reaching jaunty mini welly lady status until yesterday. The heavy cleaning was virtually done so I was on to primping.

We had some ants in the house earlier this year and for some reason this lead to us removing one of the kickboards from the kitchen. It has never been right since. The kickboard was wonky and the hideous lino had a bump in it. I had plenty of time and some energy to remedy it. Or so I thought. By the time Dan got home things were not in a good way.

I quickly discovered that Dan was right (not that it's a rare thing here) it was difficult to put back. I admit during proceedings I got more than a bit cross. I hit the board with a hammer to coax it back into place. Do you think that worked? You would be correct, it disintegrated. So, I shoved the hammer into my junk drawer thinking it would be better to tell Dan that I kicked it than tell him I stupidly hit it with a hammer. I then thought the junk drawer was a bit full so I should remove it before something happened and the drawer got stuck. Can you guess what happened next?

So now I have a broken kickboard, a stucker than stuck junk drawer, no hammer and no Sharpie. That's before I get onto my other good idea involving the cutlery drawer and some sticky pads.

Em's arriving this afternoon so I'll love you and leave you for a week or so. Have a nice time! 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I know I must be busy and have really important things to do when I set off to make a cup of coffee and ended up cleaning the front of the house. Yes, today I was one of those jaunty ladies I see when I go for a walk who are always up a step ladder wearing floral mini wellies and a pinny doing stuff

I do not have floral mini wellies and was not wearing a pinny but I did get to do the jaunty lady thing of saying hello to folk walking their dogs and share japes of "you can do mine next" with neighbours I've never spoken to before.

That is a fun way to spend a Tuesday morning. Long live lemon cream cleaner!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Photography and Letting Go

I love taking photographs, I know everyone does but I really do. Dan used to not quite tell me off but tell me I didn't need to take the camera everywhere. This has changed over the last little while, especially since I took a photo of one hotel that I loved and then the next time we passed by it had been demolished. This has been on my mind since I spoke about it here last week

I need to find the balance though. I think I've mentioned before that my house used to be a tip. It really was a mess, I've always been an untidy person and I find it hard to throw things away. When I started clearing the house out I realised that part of my thing was that I felt the need to keep hold of memories. Not that it was my role to do it but that it was important that someone was looking after things. This lead to me keeping hold of ridiculous things including odd socks that I remembered wearing when certain significant things happened and the paper napkin that was wrapped around the first chocolate brownie I ever ate. I mean, why is that important to remember?

Anyway, it took me ages to let go of all this stuff and to get to a point where I could just leave things, not feel the need to rescue things and to accept that even the small things don't matter that much, they're just nice things but they don't really impact on the overall outcome of my life. If something goes then sometimes it's enough for me to remember that it once was even if there is no visual reminder. 

So it's a struggle. When you see change you can't not see it. So I have to try really hard to let things go. If I snap something just in time or find an old picture that captured something that's now gone then it's a bonus and a nice little boost. I need to remember that my hobby is one particular thing, discreet images of things I find important, not a map of how everything is in my world. If other people choose to modernise their house I don't need to fill my garage with their old doorhandles and sinks. It's hard to let it go but I'm at a point where I need to do it even if a doorhandle or something would improve my world a little bit. Some things when they're gone they're gone forever, some things will come around again. That's the level of discrimination I need. Keep it simple and don't start rolling down the slippery slope. 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lights, Kirkham, October Spending

It's a West Lancs thing apparently.

It's a bit like "lights, camera, action" only more market town based.

Something's wrong with the light in the toilet cubicle room thing. Normally it wouldn't be an issue but with Em arriving on Thursday it would be nice for her to be able to see if she needs to visit during the night. Two of the three bulbs in the big lamp have gone and of course they're special fittings - what was I thinking? The shower gel handwash solution took a turn for the worse when the dispenser sprang a leak and Dan needed shampoo. 

Kirkham is great, it's a small town on the Fylde and despite the fact it doesn't have the jaunty look of Lytham or the cuteness of Poulton (do I mean Poulton?) don't be fooled, there are some wonderful shops. Not one but two hardware shops, a health food shop, plenty of cafes, a deli/cheese/local produce shop, small but perfectly formed fruit and veg shop and of course Silverdell bookshop. Last time we were in there it was someone's birthday so we became involved in singing, gift unwrapping and all manner of other hilarity. We didn't venture in today though we went to Escape, very nice indeed. Oh and there's a prison and Fox's biscuits factory to add to the array of stuff.

Everyone is so helpful and friendly! I was complimented on my coat by the lady in hardware shop one, we had a chat about sandwiches in the fruit and veg shop with the owner and the lady from the cafe who'd nipped in to take the order. We had a right good time in the cheese shop talking about bread, cakes, working on a Saturday and living for the moment. It's not a place to rush, which is fine as parking is free! 

£ 8.52 fruit & veg
£11.97 lightbulbs
£ 1.00 push light
£11.97 toiletries
£ 2.97 other food
£ 1.80 bread
£ 1.09 treats

Total £39.32

Running total £140.35 or thereabouts.

So the plan for tomorrow and Monday is a batch cook. Chestnut and mushroom stew, lentil bol, leek and butterbean crumble, roast veg, shepherdess pie and a tagine thing. Added to the chilli and curry I already have in the freezer it means a slightly rejigged end of the month/start of November menu plan but shopping will be restricted to milks, lunch stuff and bunny greens. 

Now to hide my purse!

Before I forget, we had a right old night of it last night, people making noise until, I am informed 12.30 am. I have to confess it was noisy. Dan was called over by two neighbours to talk about it. Someone fell into a bush - the bush still bears the indentation, the police were called, music and shouting had to be put an end to. It was a party out of hand you see. Can you tell not much happens in our street?

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Small Things In Life

I promise nothing about Rugby League today. 

A piece of interesting news popped into my ears first thing this morning. Cuadrilla, the shale gas extraction (fracking) people have decided to not ask for consent to frack the site closest to my house and it will be returned to the state it was before. The reason given was that they were constrained by the rules concerning overwintering birds in the area. There are still a number of potential sites in this area and it remains to be seen what will happen, the Prime Minister certainly seems keen to turn the area into the "fracking capital of Britain" which sounds very grand. 

Today I am being a bit of an old lady as were supposed to be going to a gig this evening but the venue has been changed from a not-as-great-as-everyone-says but decent pub with lovely fruity beer to a city centre nitespot. This does not please me in the slightest. The thought of Friday night in a town centre makes me want to stay in my armchair, have a snooze and save all the faff. I know we're going to end up going because we've bought the tickets but it just seems like it's going to be one of those times where you throw good money after bad in the hope of "making the most of things". I swear if someone throws beer on me I will not be happy.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

2018 Is The Next Great Year

1996 was a great year for me. I turned 21, I passed my A- Levels, I was young, free and single and had a great bunch of friends around me. We had a totally free summer with nothing to do other than wait for our exam results and enjoy Euro '96.

2007 was a great year for me. We became debt free, I hit my weight loss goal, we were zipping around in a brand new lease car which cost us a mere £20 a month, we were overpaying on the mortgage, socking a ton of cash away for our next car and we had money to spend for the first time in years. We had the best pet ever, the house was coming together, work was going well for Dan and I finally had the house in order. It was almost the perfect year. 

We went to virtually every Widnes game that year. We ploughed up and down the M62 to get to Bately, Dewsbury, Castleford, Doncaster and up and down to Whitehaven, Leigh and Rochdale. It was the best, singing, stuffing our faces with pies and swilling rubbish beer, singing songs, making friends and in the main winning. We won the Northern Rail Cup with a comprehensive win against Whitehaven at Bloomfield Road in Blackpool - little did I know that a short three years later Bloomfield Road would be our local football ground. We finished second in the league but I just can't bring myself to talk about what happened at Headingley in the play off final against Castleford and the nightmare of administration and nearly going out of business that followed. 

All that to say all the memories from 2007 came back today when I saw the Ireland squad for the World Cup. A massive congratulations to current Widnes players Dave Allen and Eamon O'Carroll. Honourable mentions to members of that fantastic 2007 team Bob Beswick, Damien Blanch and Scott Grix. Former Vikings Simon Finnigan, Kurt Haggerty and Anthony Mullally also make the squad. I missed it out the other day but Oliver Wilkes made the Scotland squad, well done Olly, 2007 wouldn't have been the same without you. 

Extra bonus good news, Joe Mellor has signed an extended contract with Widnes to keep him with us until 2016. Phew, I'll call that an early Christmas present. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Bad Boyfriend Is A Dream Come True

This is 99% about sport, 1% about my dreams and wishes. 

In 2004 we went to the Tri-Nations final at Elland Road, Leeds. While waiting to use the facilities I got a right load of old stick from a group of St Helens and Leeds fans for supporting Widnes - why was I there, what was the point of supporting Widnes etc and as I soaked it all up I thought to myself that I would love nothing more than to see a single solitary Widnes player represent the national team (it was Great Britain at the times whereas now it's England, Wales and Scotland).

Not-very-fast-forward to this year and here he is Gareth Hock, Widnes Vikings, Wigan St Judes. It's a bit of a hollow win as he was never really ours, he was only on loan from Wigan Warriors and I fell out with him but it doesn't change the facts. Lloyd White is in the Wales squad and Ben Kavanagh features for Scotland who also have one of my favourite ex-Widnes players, John Duffy, on their coaching staff.

I'm not saying I support England for these purposes (I mean, who doesn't love Papua New Guinea? The only country to have Rugby League as the national sport and the language of Tok Pisin). But it is exciting to see Widnes have some representation in the end of season tournament. Even if it is the heartbreaker. 

October Spending 2

This has the potential to be boring. 

I probably don't have a great deal in common with David Cameron but I don't know how much a loaf of bread costs either. I'm having a "coolness amnesty" this week (after causing a stir by telling someone that not only have I never seen "Breaking Bad" but that I have no interest in the slightest in ever seeing it) but I don't know if not knowing the price of a loaf counts as part of that. 

I am very much enjoying the coolness amnesty. The people I thought would join in have and the people who I thought would be too cool for it have made their views known. It's very funny. We've had everything from people admitting to not liking wine, to having bought a jacket from Matalan to my own huuuuge list of all the things that shatter my image *removes tongue from cheek*.

After my solo wander featuring shopping trip yesterday morning we did our proper big shopping trip last night. Without a list, exciting. I'm still having some difficulty finding space to put everything away as we bought all the bulky stuff like toilet rolls, kitchen roll, a sack of spuds etc.

The household and cleaning stuff should last into the new year. I get around 50 washes from a thing of liquid and am only half way through a bottle but it was cheaper so I bought a spare. The cream cleaner lasts for ages so who knows when I'll need another. The 8 kitchen rolls will last for months, Dan uses it for cleaning worksurfaces and I only use it for wiping the bunny pen. We use one roll of toilet paper per week, there are 5 in the cupboard already so the 9 pack I bought on offer yesterday be enough for a while, by which time there will be something selling for a decent price again. I bought 4 tubes of toothpaste, half price, yesterday morning, they'll last until next year as we use one a month and we've just opened one.  

The milks and veg will be enough for a minimum of two weeks including the batch cooking for the freezer, the sack of spuds a lot longer than that. Breakfast cereals were on offer, any 3 for the price of 2 so three boxes will last for a couple of months I think. Thai curry paste was half price at 89p a tub, I freeze it in spoonfuls, we get 6 or 7 servings from each tub so the two tubs I bought will last into next year. I picked up enough lentils and beans to see us through this month. I imagine the treats won't see the end of the week though. 

£14.60 fruit & veg
£ 4.28 bread
£ 5.44 milks
£ 5.78 drinks
£17.43 pantry stuff
£13.06 household
£ 3.00 treats
£ 1.98 other food

Total £65.57

£101.03 running total for the month if I've added it up correctly. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October Spending

I love the pigeon getting in on the act!

I'm going to attempt to keep more of a note on my spending. I went to the town today and bought lots of dull but necessary things like rabbit food, a brush, toothpaste and lentils. 

I took a different route into the town and ended up on a street I'd never walked on before and it was full of rather nice houses, there were lots of photo opportunities so I did some snapping away too. I didn't take any pictures of the ducks because they were having a right to-do amongst themselves for some reason, I did take the above photo of the rose garden though. 

So far this month I have spent - 

£7.50 gifts for my niece (can't and don't want to resist)
£6.08 rabbit and bird food
£8.85 pantry stuff
£10.55 toiletries/medicine cabinet stuff
£0.50 treats
£1.98 household

which is £35.46 or thereabouts. Rather a lot for the morning of day one! Ah well.