Monday, 30 September 2013

What I Thought About In The Car

Yesterday we went to a classic car thing at Victoria Park in Widnes, amazingly a place I'd never been to before. It was a gorgeous day and the place was packed. I took my camera with me as usual but I didn't take any photos. Not because there were no great cars there, there were some lovelies, including Dan's favourite a brown Triumph Dolomite.

The reason I didn't take any pictures is that this stuff doesn't change. Someone is watching and making sure the memories live. These cars aren't going to disappear, so I don't feel there's much benefit to me taking pictures. I'd never thought about it before but I like to take photos of the things that do change and when they're gone they won't come back. There's so much we don't notice until well after they're gone and we never took the time to properly appreciate or document them because they felt like constants in our lives but they were so mundane we paid no attention. 

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