Thursday, 5 September 2013

Typical Day

Firstly high praise for Ruark Audio, I ordered the new adaptor for the stereo on Tuesday afternoon and it turned up yesterday morning. Hooray! Great service. Big Grey Bunny seems to be back to normal , she didn't eat anything she shouldn't have yesterday so maybe we've turned a corner there. 

Spurred on by the visit  of my parents this weekend I ventured into the garden to remove some weeds. On the plus side I found a plant hiding in the undergrowth, on the double-edged-sword side there were blackberries - all my being prickled last year didn't remove everything! I was going to ask Father about chopping a lot off the flowering currant but on closer inspection I saw at least 8 cobwebs - all in use, so it can stay as it is.  The area for the compost bin has been cleared and the prepared wood (an old futon Father obtained from the pub) has been in the garage for months. Not that I'm doing Zero Waste Week but it's kind of fitting that we get the compost bin before the week ends. 

I did lots of domestic things yesterday too. I'm not an enthusiastic cook but I made some shepherdess pies and lots of curry. The freezer was pretty much empty so it was a good time to get me back into the kitchen and to do something in the name of energy efficiency. It wasn't that bad but as this week I am in charge of washing up it felt a bit much!

That's it, there really is nothing to say for this week. We're kind of in limbo until we've been to Dan's Grandma's funeral on Monday. It's like we're all waiting for that to be over then the clock will start again and we can do the usual stuff. It seems so daft to talk about the price of lentils or getting the curtains lined at this time...

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